Fault diagnosis

The trouble shooting information on this page gives details on what you can do as a user should you encounter difficulties whilst operating your Mira shower.

Fault Diagnosis

Fault diagnosis: Select the shower category and shower model to view a list of possible malfunctions. Click on an individual malfunction to view a list of possible remedies.

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All Mira showers are fully performance tested after assembly. Providing it has been correctly installed and is operated as advised, difficulties should not arise. In the unlikely event that you experience problems with your shower then the information here will enable you to undertake basic fault finding before contacting the person responsible for installing your shower.

If any maintenance is required then it must be carried out by a competent tradesperson. Before replacing any parts make sure that the underlying cause of the malfunction has been identified.

Warning! There are no user serviceable components beneath the cover of electric or power showers. Only a competent tradesperson should remove the front cover.

If you require further assistance please contact our dedicated Customer Service team.