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Baths & Bath Panels

Bathtubs are an integral part of your bathroom, and even your home - a place that you can relax and unwind after a long day, or where you can enjoy family time with your children before bedtime. With various shapes, sizes and styles available to suit every bathroom, choosing the right one can be hard. To help with this, read our ultimate bath buying guide here.

Mira offers bathtubs in three main categories; single-ended, where the tap is on one of the short ends, double-ended, where the tap is located in the middle of the longer side enabling you to lay on either end, and freestanding baths, that are not attached to any walls. Both the double-ended and freestanding baths are available in 1800 x 800mm, while the singe-ended baths are available in 1700 x 700mm and 1700 x 750mm versions, with all having a depth of 373mm. All of Mira's baths are made of a durable acryllic-capped poly-concrete, and coated with BiocoteĀ® technology, which reduces bacteria by 99.9%. To finish off your bathtub, Mira offers bath panels for both sides and ends in sizes spanning from 700mm to 1800mm to suit your needs.

To create a splash free bath space, explore our range of over-bath shower screens.

Single Ended - 1700 x 700
Mira Flight BathSingle Ended - 1700 x 700

Tough, light and stylish single ended bath

Single Ended - 1700 x 750
Mira Flight BathSingle Ended - 1700 x 750

Tough, light and stylish single ended bath