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Create the perfect family bathroom

Friday 5th August 2016

According to a Mira roundtable discussion, multi-generational living is on the rise with 4% of the UK population having three or more generations living under the same roof.

With such a large variety of ages now all using one bathroom, it can be difficult to design your room to cater for all needs. At Mira Showers, we are intent on making our customers' lives easier, so we have put a few top tips together on how to create the perfect family bathroom.

Child Friendly

There are many things you can do to ensure your bathroom is a safe and enjoyable environment for children. Replacing glass storage with shatterproof plastic or resin is a good place to start to avoid breakages. With children valuing their time in their bath it might be worth purchasing a non-slip bath mat to avoid injuring themselves. Alternatively our range of Mira Flight Safe Shower trays are developed with our exclusive anti-slip technology designed for not only keeping children safe in the shower, but also the older generation.


Choose the right shower

Showers are a key product that can be changed for the differing needs of each family member. Products such as the Mira digital shower range can adapt to provide a relaxing or efficient setting for adults, a fun place for children, and a safe place for both junior and senior members of the household. Thermostatic temperature control, environmental modes, timers and automatic bath filling settings can all help to make the bathroom a more functional area.

Space saving

A good bathroom design is its multi-purpose function; if you have a room that can relax you within five minutes and enjoy playtime with the children next, then half the battle is won. We recommend providing an ample amount of storage so you can hide all the clutter. Our range of Mira Agile and Adept accessories are the perfect space saving solution, allowing you that valuable piece of extra space.

Wall hung mirrors are a stylish yet practical addition to any bathroom as they modernise the room whilst maximising your wall space. If you are looking to introduce glamour then you can spruce the place up with LED or touch sensor mirrors.


Are you struggling with design ideas to create your perfect family bathroom?
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