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Essential bathroom layout tips

Make the most of your space with our helpful hints

Wednesday 23rd August 2017

If you’re doing a bathroom from scratch or completely redoing your current one, one of the most important stages is figuring out the bathroom layout. Some things will be more rigidly defined for you, by things like the location of pipes, but a lot of it will be at your discretion. There’s a lot to think about and getting it right can be the difference between a relaxing, inviting bathroom and one that feels cramped and uncomfortable. As the bathroom is generally where your day starts, you won’t want every morning starting with stress and annoyance. Follow our bathroom layout ideas here to work out the best placement for the essentials in your bathroom and how to get the best out of the room.

Toilet training

Position your toilet first and arrange everything else around that. The positioning of your toilet may be decided for you by where the soil pipe enters the bathroom. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to position the toilet where it currently is, but it will need to be easily connected to the soil pipe. Consider where the door opens when choosing the position of your toilet. If possible, you don’t want it right in view of the door. It’s also worth thinking about the flooring – if you’re waterproofing the floor for a wet room or installing underfloor heating, there’s a chance the bolts securing the toilet to the ground could either interfere with pipes or complicate the waterproofing. It might be easier to consider a wall-mounted toilet instead of a floor-mounted one.


Map it out

Unlike bedrooms or living rooms, there is no room for error with a bathroom. You can’t leave anything to chance as once the sink or bath or toilet are in, that’s where they’re staying. Get some graph paper and draw out the outline of your bathroom to scale. This will make it much easier to work out where everything should go, how big a shower or bath you can go for, or whether you can have a shower enclosure and a bath, a shower over the bath or just a shower. While your dream bathroom may have a freestanding bath, a shower enclosure, two sinks, a toilet and a bidet, this is the point where you might just realise that everything’s looking a bit cramped. If you’re trying to find the best small bathroom layout, this could be a very valuable step.

Practical space

Don’t just think about having enough space to fit in the fixtures of your bathroom. It’s equally important to have enough space around them. If it’s cramped then it won’t be enjoyable to use. The shower cubicle may be big enough for you to stand in but make sure it’s big enough to bend over or washing will be tricky. You’ll also need enough space to dry yourself and dress and undress.

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Light and airy

If at all possible, have a window in your bathroom. Not only will it let in natural light, it also allows moisture to leave the room. Showering with the window open can stop damp and mould appearing in your bathroom. Think about the kind of glass you want in your window though. You won’t want people being able to see into the bathroom so you’ll need frosted or decorated glass or some sort of blinds to maintain your privacy.

Wet and dry

Whether you’re going for a wet room or a traditional bathroom, it’s a good idea to separate the room into wet and dry ‘zones’. If you’ve just had a shower or bath, you don’t want to have to cross wet floor to brush your teeth before heading out. Nobody wants soggy socks!

Cramped corners

If you have a sloped ceiling in your bathroom, this will be the most practical place to put the bath. Just be sure to leave enough space to stand up fully at one end, if you’re adding an over-bath shower.

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