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How to create a nautical bathroom

Follow our tips to give your bathroom some sea legs

Tuesday 6th June 2017

Clean, crisp, calm and invigorating: adding a marine twist to your bathroom can be like a breath of fresh sea air. Stepping into a bright room of whites and blues in the morning will blow away your last traces of sleep and instead remind you of weekends in Whitstable or summer holidays by the sea. You’ll almost swear you can feel the sand and hear the far-off sounds of seagulls calling and waves crashing as you get ready for the day ahead.

White and blue is a very common colour combination in bathrooms so if you already have that as a base, creating a nautical theme can be just a case of choosing the right accoutrements. However, if you’re starting from scratch, there are plenty of effective and fun things you can do with colour to create the authentic feel of life by the sea. White and blue are natural choices but if you want to mix it up slightly, try going for a greener hue to give that sensation of inviting Mediterranean waters. Farrow & Ball’s Blue Ground is a perfect midpoint between blue and green without feeling too cold. A dash of red in your colour scheme can perfectly embody the British seaside and bring your theme to life, like the syrup in a 99.

Wooden it be nice

Whether you’re aiming for a relaxed, casual bathroom or something a bit more formal, wood can be a versatile and effective element in your nautical bathroom décor. For a shabby, beachcomber style, add mirrors and picture frames with a driftwood-esque feel, whether they’re raw and unfinished or have a painted and distressed look.

Wooden panelling in your bathroom can call to mind the fisherman’s huts of the British seaside. You can fit out your bathroom using weathered-looking natural wooden or distressed white boards to complement your shabby chic style or blues or greens for something a little smarter. Or if you’re after a combination of the two, navy blue or sea green walls and weathered white wood can give a smart yet relaxed look that has the feel of the coastal towns of New England.

Reclaimed wood can be restored to former glories while adding character to your room. If you have a recessed bath, consider surrounding it with wood, rather than tiles. Add some classic taps from the Mira Virtue Range to set off the look perfectly. Be careful of over-using white as an all-white bathroom can feel very cold, while just the right amount will give a sense of space in the room.

White stripes

When it comes to the fabrics in your bathroom, striped towels, blinds or curtains and shower curtains perfectly capture that nautical look, bringing to mind rock, lighthouses, deckchairs or the stripe of syrup in a 99. Navy blue and white stripes not only immediately suggest the seaside, it’s also a smart look for towels that will suit a range of bathroom styles. Alternatively, go for something with a marine-theme print, such as these fish towels from John Lewis. 


Mirror mirror

While we’ve already extolled the virtues of a nice distressed wooden mirror to set off your nautical theme, it’s not the only option. Round, porthole-style mirrors can make your bathroom feel like you’re in the classiest cabin on the cruise.

Finishing touches

Bring back souvenirs from your beach holidays to add to your theme. Postcards can be made into collages for the walls and you can put models of lighthouses and boats from souvenir shops around the bathroom. We urge caution though when using shells in your theme. There are ecological issues inherent in taking shells and pebbles from beaches so please be sure not to take spiral shells (hermit crabs depend on empty spiral shells for survival) or anything living from a beach to decorate your bathroom.

Have you created or are you planning your own nautical themed bathroom?
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