Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.

Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.


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How to make a bathroom look bigger

Innovative tips and tricks to get a bigger looking bathroom

Saturday 24th February 2018

If you're after a bathroom that boasts plenty of space but have precious little room to work with, don't worry. From purse-friendly tweaks for an instant spacious update to bigger-budget renovations, get clued up on these clever bathroom ideas for small bathrooms to create the illusion of more space without building an extension...

Open plan without the pain

Instead of completely changing the design for your small bathroom, make modifications to your existing furnishings for instant results. If your current set up is made up of a clunky cubicle-style shower with opaque doors, swap them out for a clear glass side panel. The clear doors with discreet hinges and no visible features make for a completely uncluttered look.

If you have a bigger space to work with - or if you're willing to swap out a bath for a shower - opt for one of Mira's walk-in shower enclosures. It's the most sleek and stylish way to shower, and smooth clear glass panels will immediately open up the room.


Mirror, mirror on the wall...
When it comes to mirror ideas for a small bathroom, think about the placement of the fixture more than anything else. The optimum position will be adjacent to a window so it can capture all the light, bounce it across the room and create a much more spacious feel. Always opt for bigger mirrored shapes whenever you can to really make a small bathroom look bigger.

Let the light in
Quite often, you don't have the scope or the budget to put in more windows - but you can maximise the source of natural light that you do have with a few basic tips. While it might seem obvious to choose a blind fixture to cover a bathroom window, they're not always necessary. If the neighbours don't overlook your bathroom, take away the blinds completely. You can still opt for a soft textured ripple effect on the window pane without distorting the light.

Instant infinity
We all know that lighter washes of paint as opposed to darker coated walls will make a small bathroom look bigger, but for a super modern take on this effect (and for much more impact), consider matching your floor and walls with the same tiles. This effect will instantly give the illusion of more space. Our top tip? Choose bigger tiles to avoid lots of grout lines and pick a grout colour that matches the tiles as closely as possible.

Eyes up
Nothing makes a room look small like a low ceiling, but there's plenty of ways to extend the height of your bathroom without getting the builders over. Simple decoration tricks like using the same wall colour on the ceiling, choosing recessed lighting instead of hanging shades and removing any crown moulding. The easiest option though is just to rethink the placement of shelves and storage - the higher you put them, the more space you create lower down and the easier the eyes are drawn upwards.

Smart storage
A quick fix to make a small bathroom look bigger is to clear out the clutter. We're all guilty of starting a new bottle of body wash or shampoo before throwing out the old one, so spend a bit of time using up every last bit and then throw it away. For everything else, look for smart storage solutions. Mira showers offer a vast array of in-shower space saving accessories to hold soap and shampoo in sleek ways such as Mira's Adept Store Module. If you do still need shelves, look for floating shelves. With no visible fixtures, they'll keep the place tidy while looking neat themselves.

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