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How to modernise your bathroom

Friday 5th August 2016

The constant developments in technology has meant that the traditional layout and functionality of the bathroom is evolving and advancing.

Day to day tasks can now be controlled remotely thanks to internet connectivity, and contemporary bathrooms now contain items and areas that either didn’t exist a decade ago, or have changed dramatically. Mira Showers has been fascinated with these changes and decided to explore these interesting rooms that have appeared, or are due to appear in the modern home, in particular the bathroom.

The Home Spa

Homes have embraced the digital age, and the bathroom is certainly no different! A wide range of technological innovations have allowed any bathroom to be transformed into a modern home spa, capable of removing any of the stresses that day to day life can bring.

The rise of digital showers over the years has continued to advance, and the Mira Vier Dual digital shower is no exception. With an easy to use wireless controller and dual showering capability allowing the user to switch between the overhead and diverter, the Mira Vier Dual enables you to pre-set your desired temperature and flow settings, even from the comfort of your bed.


Technology in the bathroom

Technological advancements have also allowed for minimalism to become a stylish, yet affordable trend. Minimalist enclosures such as the Mira Leap range, can be paired with sleek, low profile trays such as the Mira Flight Low for a truly minimalist style that brings the luxury of a spa to your home. 

Go natural

2016 is all about bringing natural finishes to the bathroom. If you want a contemporary space the use of natural finishes instead of artificial materials can help to create the perfect modern bathroom. Natural stone and timber is appearing more and more in bathrooms with seats and vanity units incorporating these finishes. To create a modern feel for the bathroom, make sure you bring in earthy elements to balance the space.


What modern technology would make your life easier around the bathroom?

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