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How to use the perfect colours to create your perfect bathroom

Wednesday 21st June 2017

Colour plays a hugely important role in our lives from the clothes we wear to the walls of our home. Colour can create or reflect a mood or feeling, and simple shifts in tone can change a room from bright to cold or warm to dark. So, it’s important to take all the factors into account before deciding on the colour scheme for your bathroom. We asked interiors blogger Becky of A Beautiful Space for her essential tips on how to use the colour of your bathroom to create your own beautiful space.

“When it comes to choosing your bathroom colour, it is important to think about what matters most to you.”

Stay neutral

If moving house is high on your agenda, you will want to consider keeping colours neutral. White is probably your best option as it is the colour least likely to offend. Bright and light is to almost everybody’s taste and it always looks so fresh and clean.

Changing trends

If being on trend is important, one of the best ways to ‘keep up’ is by incorporating current colour trends into your scheme with accessories. Changing tiles, bath tubs or flooring as trends come and go would be extremely expensive, so instead consider adding in new towels in beautiful shades of green, along with lush house plants and perhaps a copper edged mirror. These would all work to bring a bathroom up to date without costing too much or having to repaint constantly.

Reflect your mood

Your home is your haven and your bathroom will be used by you and yours on a daily basis, so the colour you choose should be one that makes you feel good. While some people might like a sunshine yellow to lift their spirits in the morning, I like a serene bathroom, so white and silver are my preferred choices. If you want a more formal feel, monochrome is always popular and black and white can make a bathroom look really smart. If relaxation is key, pastels work beautifully in a bathroom to bring a sense of calm.

Find inspiration

Choosing a bathroom colour may be the result of fashion, practicality, harmonising or simply preference. Whatever the reason that drives your choices, do spend time browsing images and ideas to find out what resonates with you. It’s a little effort for such an important reward.

In our busy lives, we get so little time alone that the half an hour we take to ourselves for a bath or shower can make a world of difference. With that in mind, it’s vital to feel just right when you’re in your bathroom. Whether you’re looking for soothing or invigorating, relaxed or smart, the colour you choose can help you create that perfect look and feel.

If you’re thinking about doing up your bathroom or have struck gold with a daring colour scheme, let us know all about it by dropping us a line on Facebook or Twitter. Find more tips from Mira on how to make the most out of your bathroom.


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