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Mira Showers Statement on COVID-19


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Five tips for bathroom renovation

Friday 5th August 2016

Renovating your bathroom can be a daunting task. On average, people move house more often than they renovate their bathroom, and there are many factors that have to be considered when taking on a new project: time, cost and catering to varying design styles are all variables that need to be calculated before embarking on a renovation, but getting it right will make it all worthwhile.

Whether you’re looking to create your own personal sanctuary or expanding to accommodate extra family members, a good renovation will give you a space to enjoy for years to come. We have come up with our five top tips for easy and relatively quick renovation work to ensure it’s a rewarded investment.

A lick of paint

A new coat of paint might be all that’s needed to revive a tired bathroom. Once you’ve chosen your desired colour, make sure to thoroughly clean the walls prior to painting. A quick check for damp followed by a light sanding should do the trick before getting the roller out. If your wall is damp, check for the source of the moisture, and opt for a paint with mildew inhibitor to prevent it recurring. Apply masking tape to fittings you do not want painting – paint splashes on other fixtures and appliances are an easy way to make your bathroom look rushed and cheap!


Whether they’re tired, stained or broken, replacing your tiles can make a huge improvement to your bathroom. Tile colour is down to personal preference, but size and shape can make a big difference to the feel of your bathroom. If your bathroom space is small, opt for large, light tiles – fewer grouting lines will make your room appear less cluttered, and therefore larger.

If you want to make a quick and effective change, a realistic alternative to tiles are Mira Showers wall panels: these prefabricated panels have the same aesthetic effect, but there is no risk of uneven tiling which can ruin the effect of even the nicest tiles!


New fixtures can make all the difference in a new bathroom. From cabinets to towel racks and new lights, a change in your fittings can breathe new life into any bathroom both in terms of style as well as function.

The Mira Agile and Mira Adept mixer showers make it easier than ever to fit a new shower. Specifically designed with bathroom renovations in mind, Mira Showers’ latest mixer showers feature a revolutionary new installation system with 50mm pipe centres for quick and simple installation – perfect for bathroom refurbishments! Not to mention the added bonus of ‘plug-in’ accessories for both mixer ranges such as the Mira Agile Sense digital display module or the Mira Adept soap dispenser.

Get a star piece

If you’re able to stretch your budget, why not splash out on something that will make a key feature of your bathroom? A large centrepiece such as an amazing cabinet, mirror or piece of furniture can make a huge statement. This ‘star piece’ will create an outstanding focal point which will enhance the ‘new’ feel of the bathroom.


Bathroom accessories are a cheap and easy way to effectively complete your new bathroom’s look. New towels, blinds and mats can add to the new feel of a bathroom whilst helping you to enjoy it more! Ample storage to prevent clutter will also transform a cluttered bathroom into a sleek, minimal space where you can relax and enjoy your handiwork. Visit our Bathroom Storage board on Pinterest for some creative ideas.


Are you embarking on a new renovation project?

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