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Selecting the best tile for your bathroom

Friday 5th August 2016

Tiles are commonly used within the bathroom because of their practicality. They are also a great way to bring colour and style to your room as they can be used on the walls to construct a feature image or pattern.

When designing your bathroom renovation project, the sheer amount of choice can be staggering. So, to guide you in your selection, we have put together a list of considerations prior to choosing your tile.

Feature Wall

Creating a feature wall within your bathroom is the perfect way to create a talking point, and is something to consider when it comes to choosing your tile. Featuring block colour tiles on the walls or floor will look chic and sophisticated, whilst the addition of patterned tiles on one wall will give an ornate, vintage look adding a depth of character to a plain bathroom.


The choice of colour is largely down to your own preference, but there are a few basic rules to remember. If you prefer to use accessories to add character to your bathroom then neutral colours will enable you to easily personalise and change your bathroom without a costly renovation. The use of bold colours within the bathroom can show your personality and become the focal point of the room design. To make your space feel large and spacious, then the use of lighter colours might just do the trick.


Cleaning the bathroom is a laborious task and one that can be simplified easily by selecting the right tile. Whilst the installation of complex patterns into a mosaic might look visually exciting, the use of smaller individual tiles makes cleaning that much harder as there is a greater opportunity for dirt and mould to grown within the tile grout. We recommend installing larger tile slabs or glass panels to ease the cleaning process.


If you are completely overwhelmed by the choice of tile and are looking to cut down on your labour costs then our range of Mira Flight Wall Panels just might be the perfect solution. These panels are designed for a quick and easy installation and, once in place, provide a realistic and unique tile alternative when compared to current wooden substrate or plastic alternatives.

Do you have any questions on choosing the right tile for your bathroom or looking for advice?

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