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  • Thursday 06 June 2019

We have a long history of developing talent through our early careers programmes, and by supporting our Apprentices with their development they in turn are able to support our associates by delivering business-wide training.

Recent Product Testing Training gave our associates an insight into an operator job role, allowing greater understanding and appreciation across the business of different roles and how we can support each other.

We spoke to Adam Smith and Jake Blagden, two of our third year Engineering Apprentices, to find out more about their role in leading the training and how it has benefited their learning and development.

How did you get involved in the training?

Adam: I was approached by the HR team to help deliver the training, as it would be a great development opportunity for me to work on presenting skills that I will need in the future.

Jake: One of my business placements was with the Continuous Improvement Team, so I was already aware of the training and the material, however this time I didn’t have a mentor to lean on so I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone to lead the training with Adam.

How has delivering this training supported your development?

Jake & Adam: This allowed both of us to work on developing the confidence to lead sessions and address groups. This will be key as we move forward into other placements and our future long-term job roles.

What has been your biggest learning from this experience?

Jake: My biggest learning from helping deliver this training is that knowing your subject matter is a great help – it meant I could answer questions more confidently and I felt all the associates got more from the training because of this.

Adam: I learnt that by being more confident when presenting and not being as worried means I learn more and those receiving the training do as well.