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Life as a Business Apprentice

Find out about our latest Business Apprentices

  • Tuesday 28 June 2022

We have run an apprentice scheme for over 50 years, but in the last 4 years added Business Apprenticeships to the program. We've caught up with our latest group of business apprentices to find out what they enjoy about working at Kohler Mira.

What made you choose an apprenticeship? 

I chose to do an apprenticeship as I wanted to gain experience in a work environment. The apprenticeship route allows you to apply the things you are learning at college, meaning you are constantly developing. Being an apprentice allows me to learn from other employees with years of experience and get valuable workplace experience at such an early age. - Jasper

How has the buddy system supported you?

Having a buddy when starting out in the business was invaluable as it provided a regular, direct contact who was able to guide you through the beginning of the apprenticeship. Having recently begun their journey with the business themselves, they could provide practical advice which was relevant to our journey. - Henry

What have you enjoyed most about your apprenticeship so far? 

I really enjoy being part of an apprentice community. We all get on so well, collaborate within work and have friendships outside of work. It is great to have made amazing new friends in the same position as me. I love that we can own projects and collaborate with a wide range of people. It allows us to build a support network and figure out where our interests lie. - Yasmin


Why should you join our apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship at Kohler Mira sets you up well for your future career path, and the opportunities within the company are invaluable. Being part of a global business means that there are opportunities to travel during your apprenticeship and build up a network of people from all over the business. Furthermore, the relationships that you make with other apprentices, makes you feel welcome and a part of the business, and the annual Apprentice Residential accelerates your settling in period too. An apprenticeship at Kohler Mira is a fantastic way to start your early career and gain valuable experiences. - Sam

To find out more about joining our business visit our Early Career section.