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Combinations in the home

  • Friday 05 August 2016

Embarking on redecorating any room in the home can be daunting. Without the help of an interior designer, many houses can become an eclectic mix of fittings, fixtures and accessories.

At Mira Showers, we have been on the lookout for great combinations to add a sense of consistency within the home, especially in the bathroom.

Showers and taps

Matching your sink and bath taps with your shower may seem like a small change, but it can make a huge impact on the composition of your bathroom.

When redecorating, especially in an older house, it is important to incorporate your new ideas whilst retaining the original character of the house. The Mira Virtue bathroom basin and bath taps with the Mira Realm ER mixer shower are designed to complement each other beautifully, making the perfect addition to any period style bathroom. With authentic Victorian features such as crosshead blade handles and ceramic glazed markers, the Mira Virtue brings a genuine sense of time-honoured style to the 21st Century.

Despite the Mira Realm being a Victorian inspired shower the Mira Magni-flo™ technology inside ensures this shower’s performance is three times more powerful than other mixer showers.



For a more contemporary style, the Mira Evolve taps and Mira Agile both feature pure, geometric designs which unify bathroom and sink fittings, giving a sense of uniformity and effortless co-ordination throughout the bathroom.

Tiles and cabinets

Along with taps and showers, cabinets are a key piece of furniture and can easily transform your bathroom.

An easy way to complement you bathroom is to pick a piece that matches your existing tiles: co-ordinate the style, texture and colour of your cabinet with your tiles and you can’t go wrong.

Your first priority should be co-ordinating the style of the tile with the bathroom cupboards - contemporary designs work best with tiles that have clean edges for example. When choosing wood materials, detail must be paid to complementary or contrasting textures and tones. A darker material lends itself nicely with a lighter floor, and in return lighter units go fantastically with darker floors. This colour scheme and advice can also work when it comes to renovating your bathroom.

Walls and carpets

Key items of furniture and fittings make a room special, but the key foundation to any stylish room is the base colour; colour pairing the walls and carpets will make furnishing your room an easy task that doesn’t have to break the bank.

Replacing a carpet will take up a large chunk of your budget, so if it’s not too brash then there is no need change it, all you need to do is match the walls to go with it. Any good DIY store will be able to create a paint of any colour or tint, making colour pairing a simple task – simply use a colour wheel to match or contrast your wall to your floor perfectly.

Have you got any bright ideas for combinations in the home?

Let us know your great ideas via our Facebook page or Twitter @mirashowers. We’d love to hear from you.