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Mira Shower Accessories Buying Guide & Advice

Read our help & support for choosing the right showering accessories.

Tuesday 17th July 2018

Whether you are completing a full bathroom project or just looking to make small, but impactful differences to your bathroom space, shower accessories are a necessary consideration. From the more practical clamp brackets and soap dishes to our Mira showerheads which can reinvigorate your showering experience, it’s easy to find the shower accessories to suit your style and needs.



Shower Fittings

We appreciate that replacing your existing shower when it’s still in working condition, but starting to look tired in its appearance, might seem excessive and potentially costly. That’s why we offer Mira Shower Fittings kits which contain a showerhead, hose and slide bar (which are adjustable to cover over previous screw holes). This simple upgrade can not only make a considerable difference to your bathroom look but also upgrade your shower’s performance.


Mira Switch Spray Modes


Mira showerheads are engineered to deliver a truly invigorating showering experience so, by simply, switching your showerhead to a Mira, you will notice the difference. The award-winning Mira Switch showerhead comes with 4 unique spray modes – Soak, Stimulate, Saturate and Soothe – which can be changed at the push of a button. Alternatively, the Mira 360 showerhead features Mira Flipstream™ technology, with 4 sprays from simply flipping the showerhead – a sensational showerhead. Our range includes fixed showerheads, deluge showerheads, multi-mode and single spray showerheads. Browse the full range to find the one that best suits your needs; all Mira showerheads have universal fit meaning they are guaranteed to replace your existing showerhead.

Shower plug-in accessories

Designed to maximise your showering experience, our handy accessories range is available both as a plug-in or standalone option for the Mira Agile or Mira Adept mixer showers. If you’re looking for easy access storage in the shower, or a practical dispenser for your shampoo or shower gel we have the perfect finishing touch.

Shower hoses

There’s more to our Mira shower hoses than meets the eye. Whilst you might not expect a shower hose to make a difference to your showering experience, our Mira shower hoses feature a high flow design to increase the performance of your shower. Durable and strong, these shower hoses are anti-kink to ensure consistent water flow and come in 1.25m and 1.75m options. Plus, Mira shower hoses have a universal fit and therefore is guaranteed to work with your existing shower.

Independent Living accessories 

We recognise that as you get older, simple day-to-day activities such as showering can become more difficult. That’s why our Independent Living range has some practical yet stylish accessories which can help in the bathroom, without looking like standard mobility aids. Our Mira grab rails for example, have a premium chrome finish and come in different sizes; they also double up as a towel rail, making them both functional and discreet. Plus, our Mira shower seat range is perfect for those who prefer showering while seated. It’s easily folded away when not in use, to keep your bathroom looking clutter-free. See our Top Tips for a Safe and Stylish bathroom for more information.