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Small changes to the bathroom

  • Friday 05 August 2016

Many people think about renovating their bathroom but have time or budget constraints - sound familiar? Well, in the meantime there are many small and innovative changes that can make a big difference to your bathroom, and we have highlighted a few design ideas for you.


The type of lighting in your bathroom has a greater impact than you first might think. Changing an outdated light fixture can make a huge impact on the design of the whole room. There are also multiple unique lighting solutions that can completely revamp an area, such as light controls that enable you to dim or brighten up the room.

Sprucing up

Removing clutter is a simple solution to revamp your bathroom, especially if you’re struggling for space. We recommend removing everything from your cabinets or shelves and throwing away anything that is not being used. Then all you have to do is just give everything a thorough clean; starting with a clean space will make the decoration process a lot easier!


Replacing a tap or showerhead is something that you can easily do yourself, and is a simple way to brighten up a tired sink or shower area. For a modest style statement, try the Mira 360 showerhead. This product is compatible with all plumbing systems and offers four distinct sprays to provide a unique showering experience.

Changing a tap is also something that is surprisingly easy to do by yourself. Our Mira Aspects Tap Collection includes a stunning range of seven designs which complement any bathroom, so it's easy to match any style.


Bringing in new and functional accessories to the bathroom is a great way of adding a burst of colour. A shower curtain is a small and inexpensive solution to update a weary bathroom, and is the perfect way to experiment with new colours and designs. To enhance any accessory such as this even further, you could purchase matching towels to complement and transform your bathroom.


What small changes have you made to your bathroom that has made a big difference?
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