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Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.


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8 Downstairs Bathroom Ideas

Ideas to help you make the most of your small downstairs toilet

Saturday 31st July 2021

A downstairs toilet tends to be the smallest room in the house, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped, nor should it feel forgotten about. With clever design and decoration, your downstairs bathroom can be both practical and stylish, and a space that you and your guests use out of choice, rather than purely for convenience. Read on for cloakroom ideas to help you give your downstairs loo a new lease of life.

Make use of mirrors

Hang a large mirror behind your loo to bounce light around your small downstairs bathroom and create the illusion of space. More often than not, this is the loo that your guests will use, so a nice big mirror will also be much appreciated by them too.

Experiment with tiles

Add some interest to your downstairs loo with the help of tiles. Consider making a statement with your floor using patterned tiles, or if you want to tile the entire room, remember that larger tiles with fewer grout lines will make the space feel bigger. Ceramic tiles with a glossy finish will help to bounce light around the room in a similar way to a mirror, creating the feeling of lightness, brightness and space.

Have fun with colour

No rules apply when it comes to decorating your downstairs bathroom; this is a space where you have free reign to experiment and have fun, regardless of your usual style. Of course, you might wish to play it safe and decorate the room in keeping with the rest of your home, but on the other hand you might want to use this small space as a chance to get creative. Always wanted to give nautical, monochrome or bright colour a go? Here's your chance. 

Let loose with statement wallpaper

If you’re feeling ready to express yourself with colour, take things one step further and turn your attention to statement wallpaper. Given that you’ll only be using a small amount, no pattern is too bold, no texture too much, so consider choosing an eye-catching wallpaper that will cheer you up every time you see it. Be sure to keep the rest of the scheme pared-back for balance.

Be smart storage

Space tends to be fairly limited in a cloakroom, and clutter can make a bathroom feel even more cramped, so it pays to be smart with your storage solutions. Add a wall-mounted vanity unit to hide essential supplies like spare hand soap and toiletries, and build some boxed-in storage around your cistern and pipes to store spare loo rolls and hand towels.

If your downstairs loo is also the place where coats and shoes get stored, incorporate clever storage for these items too. That could be in the form of coat or shoe racks, or ideally a cupboard that can conceal the tangle of items, if space allows.

Focus on lighting

Good lighting is essential in a tiny bathroom, especially if there’s no window to bring in natural light. The brighter your cloakroom is, the bigger it will seem. Install recessed spotlights to brighten even the gloomiest corners of the room without taking up any extra space.

Streamline your fixtures

Gone are the days of bulky toilets and sinks being the only option; these days there’s an abundance of choices when it comes to kitting out your downstairs loo. Choose compact, streamlined fixtures to save space, and consider a wall-mounted toilet and vanity unit to maximise floor space and create the illusion of extra room. You could also choose a corner sink to make the most of unused space.

Add minimalist fittings

Keep bathroom fittings like your taps, loo roll holder and soap dispenser on the minimalist side, in keeping with your streamlined fixtures. Additional bathroom accessories like bins should be pared-back too, taking up as little space as possible.   

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