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Grey is the new taupe & brass will be big

Grey Bathroom ideas and décor

Friday 5th August 2016

In our Mira Moment Masters trend prediction discussion, our panel of experts highlighted the top interior trends for 2016. In this post we will be discussing the rising notion that Grey is the new Taupe, as well as the rise of Brass, Gold and Copper within the bathroom.

More and more interiors are pulling together grey bathroom ideas so we have put together a list of the key aspects these trends feature should you wish to implement it within your home.

Contrasting with Brass, Gold and Copper

Interior design experts Trend Pulse stated that: “The prominent colours for 2016 will be gold, copper and brass. Brass metals will be the key choice to use as a finish".

Minimalism, simplicity and contrast have always been key aspects of a well-designed bathroom, and brass, gold and copper are no exception to this. White and pastel-based backdrops have become a common bathroom staple over the years, creating a bright and clean feel to the room.

However, balancing this out with other colours and styles is essential in keeping your bathroom dynamic and full of life. Gold, copper and brass are all traditional bathroom materials, often used in Victorian times, and if juxtaposed with brighter modern colours can create a unique feeling of contemporary nostalgia, something that is seeing a comeback in 2016. The Mira Virtue tap range uses authentic Victorian features such as ceramic glazed markers and crosshead blade handles, to create a striking and versatile tap - perfect for many different styles of bathroom. Pairing this chrome tap with a brass or copper bathtub adds a distinguishing characteristic to your bathroom that is sure to impress your guests.

Grey is the new Taupe

Heloisa Righetto from trend forecasting agency WGSN, believes that “monochrome with pops of blue coming through and dark colours will be used in the house”, whilst “the bathroom will consist of more greys and concrete finishes."

It is important to make sure that each room in your house works aesthetically with one another, however, they don’t all necessarily have to all match in the exact same colour scheme, style, or feel. If using a darker monochrome design throughout the main rooms of the house, try using a brighter, cooler, grey colour scheme in your bathroom and you will be pleasantly surprised at how impactful this can be when transitioning between rooms. Taupe, an umbrella term for varying shades in between grey and brown, is a colour that has been used in bathrooms for years to create an unassuming warm tone. However, taking out these warm tones and leaving a cooler grey can create an interesting ambience to bathrooms, especially when using concrete, a material that at first seems bizarre to be utilised in this situation. Concrete can add an earthy feel when used as a floor, or maybe as one of the walls in the room. The previously mentioned trends of brass, gold, and copper, can also be used to great effect with cool shades of grey, as well as pairing up with concrete to create an industrial, yet homely effect. If you're more conservative in design or have a small bathroom then look for grey and white bathroom ideas to still get that look and create the illusion space. 

Complementary pastel colour schemes

Interior designer Richard Randall, states, “While soft colours, pastels and pinks are important they are not baby or candy pink."

Subtlety is key. We believe that walking into a bathroom should coincide with feelings of relaxation and calm sentiments, and louder, more brash colours can often take away from this. If you want background items such as tiles and walls to have colour, use faded pastel colours for this purpose, using accessories that contrast with this to bring the warmer, or more intense tones to the room. If deciding to go with a pastel colour scheme in your bathroom, try sticking to one colour and alternating between different shades in order to create consistency and neatness. Using more than one colour, unless paired well, can create a chaotic feel and ultimately ruin the ambience that your bathroom deserves.

Would you use this trend in your bathroom?
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