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How to Style Your Bathroom with Modern Nautical Theme

Avoid some fishy design

Friday 10th May 2019

Inspired by the natural beauty of seascapes and the tranquility of a day at the seaside, it’s easy to see why the nautical trend has been a popular choice for bathrooms over the decades.

If you’d like to introduce a sense of the sea in your space, there are ways to ensure that your nautical bathroom looks up-to-date. To help get you started, we’ve put together a range of nautical bathroom ideas that are sure to inspire.

1. Use a contemporary colour palette

To modernise your nautical bathroom, think about choosing a white or neutral colour palette. Avoid using busy patterns or stripes in your space, as these are a sure-fire way to make your bathroom feel out-of-date.

A paired-back approach is best; think whitewashed wood, stone shades and pale sandy neutrals. To introduce colour, look to a darker colour palette in your bathroom furniture or accessories. Deep sea blues or muted teal shades look particularly exquisite in nautical bathrooms.

2. Incorporate weathered wood

Natural textures are a must in your nautical themed bathroom. Weathered wood, reminiscent of salt-sprayed ship hulls or sea-sculpted driftwood, is the perfect choice. Try to incorporate this type of wood into your bathroom furniture where you can. For example, a reclaimed wood bathroom cabinet would work well. Alternatively, you could craft your own storage boxes or shelves from reclaimed wood.

As well as weathered wood, it’s a good idea to layer other natural textures to add interest. Wicker and rope work well in nautical bathrooms.

3. Styling with modern nautical accessories

Lighthouse and ship ornaments are a thing of the past in contemporary nautical bathrooms. To accessorise your space, it’s a good idea to think more organically. Found objects or beach-scavenged souvenirs are the perfect choice for styling your space.

If you’re looking for nautical bathroom ideas for your accessories, think about the beautiful objects you can find on the beach. Sea glass hung in small frames or layered in rustic jars are good options. Sculptural pieces of driftwood make for exquisite natural ornaments, or larger pieces can be crafted into candle holders or storage boxes. Shells are a classic choice too, but if you choose to style your bathroom with them be sure to pick unusual formations or display them in a unique way.

If you do accessorise your space with found objects, remember to keep everyday clutter out of the way. For example, store bath and shower products in a cupboard or keep your soap handy with a built-in shower accessory that holds your shower gel or bar of soap.


4. Upgrade your nautical stripes

While traditional blue and white nautical stripes can look dated, there are ways to incorporate this pattern into your space while still keeping your nautical bathroom contemporary. Instead of bold stripes, look for muted and irregular patterns. Prints that include different sized stripes in pastel shades (for example, pale blue and white) are a way to keep your patterns of the moment.

5. Be inspired by seascapes

If you’re looking to make a statement, be inspired by dramatic seascapes. Wallpaper or murals that depict abstract ocean scenes are a good choice. Try to use these on one wall to avoid overcrowding your bathroom; your seascape will be the focal point and you won’t want to detract from it. For an unusual take on nautical themed bathrooms, try choosing a colour not normally associated with the trend (for example, deep red or caramel brown).


For more bathroom advice and inspiration, visit the Mira blog.

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