Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.

Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.


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The 7 benefits of using shower panels as an alternative to tiles

Why shower panels are a great alternative to bathroom tiles

Sunday 8th August 2021

Tiles have long been the go-to for bathrooms, but they’re no longer the only option when it comes to cladding your bathroom walls. Shower wall panels are a relatively new alternative to bath tiles. They come in large sheets, which makes them quick and easy to install, and they fix into place without the need for grout. Their benefits extend far beyond installation – keep reading to find out more about the advantages of using shower panels instead of tiles.

Advantages of shower panels vs tiles 

1. Quick and easy to install 

While tiles take a lot of time and skill to install, shower panels are much quicker and easier to fit. They come in large sheets that can be cut to size, and you simply stick them to the wall and seal around the edges – a much quicker task than laying each tile one by one.  

Shower wall panels can generally be fitted over tiles, which means you don’t need to worry about removing existing tiles first. There’s minimal dust and mess, and you don’t need to wait for any adhesive and grout to dry before using your bath or shower – they'll be ready to use as soon as the edges are sealed.  

2. Easy to clean 

Thanks to their lack of grout, shower panels require less maintenance and less frequent cleaning than tiles. There’s no need for bleach and scourers; an occasional wash with warm soapy water and a soft cloth is all that’s needed. There’s also no need for regrouting.

3. Durable and leakproof 

Mira wall panels are made from strong, acrylic-capped resin stone. This durable and waterproof material is scratch, chip and discolouration resistant, and is designed to make your wall panels last longer.  

4. No risk of mould 

Bathrooms are usually the most humid rooms in the home, so mould and mildew can be an issue at the best of times. Grout between tiles is a hotspot for mould and mildew, so by replacing tiles with wall panels, you eliminate the opportunity for mould to grow. What’s more, Mira wall panels feature BioCote® technology that reduces bacteria and mould growth by up to 99.9%. 

5. Cost effective 

The cost of shower wall panels vs tiles depends on the type of tiles you’d choose, as the style, colour and size can have a significant impact on the cost, but good-quality tiles can be expensive, so shower wall panels often work out cheaper than tiles. This is especially the case when you factor in the cost of labour and the additional tools and materials you’d need for tiling.

6. Versatile 

Wall panels can be used in the shower, as a bath splashback or even behind your sink. Mira wall panels are available in different size options, including full-height panels for in the shower, and they’re also easy to cut to size, so they can be personalised to fit your space. 

This is the one area where it could be argued that tiles have the advantage over shower panels, however, as there are quite literally thousands of options to choose from when it comes to the shape, size and colour of tiles, whereas shower wall panels are available in fewer design choices. That said, neutral white wall panels provide the perfect blank canvas for your bathroom, leaving you free to decorate the rest of the space in any way you desire.  

7. Complement Mira shower trays and enclosures 

Mira wall panels perfectly complement our shower enclosures and shower trays, adding a great finishing touch to your bathroom. 

Easy to install, durable and leak-proof, Mira wall panels are the smart alternative to bathroom tiles. Explore our full range of shower wall panels