Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.

Looking to replace your shower? Buy from us and we'll install it for £100 with our hassle-free replacement service.


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Mira Activate: Getting connected to wifi

Getting connected is quick and easy, just head to the Mira Showers app – or download it free from your app store.



You can get even more from your Mira Activate shower by linking it with your home’s Wi-Fi network.

  • Keep your shower at peak performance

  • Enjoy product improvements and new features

  • Enable voice control of your shower via smart speakers

  • Monitor your shower’s energy and water usage via Mira Cloud

Please note, all screen images are for representation only - screens may differ slightly depending on your device.

Before getting started

Make sure the mobile device you’re using with the Mira Showers app is on the same Wi-Fi network you’d like to connect your Activate to.

Please note - you can only connect to a secured Wi-Fi network. If your network is not password protected, you will be unable to connect.

If your network offers a dual Wi-Fi signal with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, please connect to the 2.4GHz band – this will offer the strongest reception range.

As part of the connection process, the Mira Showers app will update your Activate shower’s firmware. Please note: this can take up to 1 hour to complete, and can’t be cancelled once it’s underway. You won’t be able to use your shower during the firmware update.

 You’ll need access to the plug that your Activate mixing valve is powered from as well as your home Wi-Fi network password to complete the setup steps. 

Note: If you are an iOS iCloud+ user, benefiting from the iCloud private relay service to limit IP tracking, you will need to temporarily disable this feature during the following steps. Once complete, this can then be re-enabled.


Step 1 – Select your Activate shower


I haven’t paired my shower yet

Pair your Activate shower to your mobile device following the on-screen prompts within the Mira Showers app – once done, you’ll see the screen shown below.



I’ve already paired my shower

Connect to your Activate shower through the Mira Showers app dashboard, then under the Settings menu, tap Wi-Fi and Voice Commands.

Step 2 – Power cycle your Activate shower


Following the instructions on screen, turn your Activate shower off and on again at the plug. This process makes sure your shower is set to Wi-Fi setup mode so that the Mira Showers app can communicate with it. If you receive any prompts asking to pair and connect, please accept them.

Step 3 – Direct connect to your Activate shower


For the next part of the setup process, your mobile device will now need to connect to your Activate shower directly via its own Wi-Fi network. Your Mira Activate MUST only be connected to a Wi-Fi which is password protected to ensure the security of your data.


On an iPhone?

You’ll automatically be prompted to join your Activate’s Wi-Fi network (see the screen shown below). Simply tap ‘Join’ to connect.


On an Android phone?

Head to your Wi-Fi settings menu. Your Activate’s Wi-Fi network will appear as ‘act-xxxxxx’ (where ‘xxxxxx’ is your shower’s unique serial number). Now tap the network to join it (please ignore any warnings letting you know the network doesn’t have internet access), then tap the back arrow to return to the Mira Showers app. Once back in the app, tap ‘Next’ to continue.



Step 4 – Grant security access


As a security measure, you’ll need to confirm that you wish to connect your Activate shower to the internet by selecting this option on your shower controller. When the prompt appears, simply rotate the bezel to change the selection to ‘Yes’, then press the bottom rocker button to confirm.


Please note: this prompt can sometimes take a little while to appear, so don’t worry if you don’t see the message straight away.


Step 5 – Enter Wi-Fi password


Back in the Mira Showers app, now enter the password for the Wi-Fi network that your mobile device was originally connected to at the beginning of the setup process.


Please note: if the app is asking for the password for a Wi-Fi network that you don’t want to connect your Activate shower to, you’ll need to restart the connection process from Step 1 – remembering to make sure your mobile device is connected to your desired Wi-Fi network before you begin again. (See the ‘Before you get started’ section above for more information.)


Moving house? It is critical to make sure that the Activate is correctly disconnected from the Wi-Fi BEFORE any change to the internet service are made. If the product doesn’t have an internet connection, it will be very difficult for it to tell the Cloud it is disconnected meaning potential loss of data and issues re-connecting on your new Wi-Fi.



Step 6 – Name your Activate shower


Naming your shower will help you to identify your Activate product, and offer a way for you to refer to your shower when interacting with a smart speaker.




Please note: there are certain words you we don’t advise using as part of your chosen name, because they are already in use by smart speaker systems and may result in poor understanding of your commands. Check the ‘Reserved words’ section on our Voice Activation help pages before naming your shower.


Step 7 – Opt into smart insights


The next step is to grant Mira Showers access to data on how you use your Activate shower, and where you use the Mira Showers app. This not only helps us to improve the performance of your shower, but enables you to monitor your energy and water usage.


Please note: if you choose not to share location and usage data with us, you may not be able to make use of all voice commands when controlling your shower with a smart speaker.

Step 8 – Update your shower’s firmware


The final step is to update your Activate shower’s firmware to the latest version. This step is critical to complete the connection process.


The firmware update can take up to one hour, and during this time your Activate shower must be powered on and not in use. If the update process is interrupted, it could lead to your shower becoming inoperable. During the update, your shower will turn itself off and on again multiple times.


You can leave the Mira Showers app at this point – the process will complete in the background.


Please note: don’t worry if the in your Mira Showers app appears to stall at 75% for some time – this is normal and doesn’t mean there’s an issue with the update.





Step 9 – Link your shower to a smart speaker


Once the firmware update is complete, the Mira Showers app will give you the option to link your Activate shower to an Amazon Alexa or Google Home enabled smart speaker. Please follow the steps below, depending on which system you’d like to link your shower to.


(If you wish to do this later, or don’t have a smart speaker, simply tap ‘Skip for now’.)


Amazon Alexa


1. After tapping ‘Link Assistant’, now tap ‘Link Alexa’ and enter your Amazon Alexa account details.

2. At this point, you may be redirected to your Amazon Alexa app, with an ‘Open with’ prompt showing on screen (see below). You’ll need to tap the ‘Mira Showers’ app then enter your Mira Showers account details to complete the linking process.

You Activate shower will then be linked with your Amazon Alexa!

Google Home


1. After tapping ‘Link Assistant’, you should be diverted to the Google Home app automatically. If not, please open the app yourself.


2. Once in the Google Home app, tap the + button in the top left of the screen, then select ‘Set up device’. On the next screen, tap ‘Works with Google’.

3. Now select Mira Showers.

4. Enter your Mira Showers account details to complete the linking process. You should see a message at the bottom of the screen confirming that your Activate shower has been linked.


All done! The connection process is now complete – and you’re ready to enjoy the full potential of your Mira Activate shower.


Internet-connected Activate showers are indicated on the Mira Showers app dashboard with both a Bluetooth icon as well as a Wi-Fi icon.

Learn more about voice control

After completing the linking of your voice assistant(s), the Mira Showers app screen will appear as below. You can tap ‘Voice Commands’ for some tips on how to use the voice command functionality of your shower.



Monitoring your usage


The user who is designated the ‘Owner’ of your Activate product (indicated on the Mira Showers app main dashboard) can view the household’s combined shower water usage over a longer period than the standard 30 days. As you and your family use your shower, data will gradually populate on the graph as shown below.


Other users in your household who have paired their Mira Showers app to your Activate shower (using their own Mira Showers account) will continue to see usage data as they originally did on the previous version of the app.

Need help? Click through to the Mira App page for more assistance.