Our sleek, contemporary bath designs quickly elevate any bathroom. 100 years of experience and expertise is evident in our resilient bathtubs. Our range includes three categories: single-ended, where the tap is on the shorter end; double-ended where the tap is in the middle; and freestanding baths, which aren’t attached to any walls.

A Mira bath blends luxury with durability. Made from acrylic-capped poly-concrete and coated with Biocote® technology to reduce bacteria by 99.9%, our baths are long-lasting and easy to clean. And at 337 mm deep, they’re spacious enough for a truly relaxing soak. To finish off your bathtub, Mira offers bath side panels for both sides and ends in multiple sizes to suit your needs.

If you need help finding the perfect fit, our bath buying guide is on hand.

  • 5-year guarantee

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The Mira difference

Hygiene, heightened

Our baths use BioCote® technology to help reduce bacteria and mould growth by 99%. And keep your shower area looking fresh, for longer.

Engineered to last

Mira baths are made from highly durable acrylic-capped poly-concrete - ensuring resistance to scratches, chips and discolouration.

Make your bathroom, your room

Beautiful in form, and function – Mira showers and bathroom products are designed to bring style and performance to your everyday experience. From classic to contemporary, modern to minimalist, there’s a Mira range to suit your home.

Replace your shower

Let us find a perfect shower replacement and install it for you – just tell us your existing model.

Common bathing questions

Browse our most frequently asked questions. For more help and advice visit our FAQs page.

Yes, Mira offers bathtubs in the standard sizes of 1700mm x 700mm and 1700mm x 750mm. In addition to this, Mira carries baths in large sizes, measuring 1800mm x 800mm.

Installing a bath side panel is simple: Set the bath height, position the panel, & check with a spirit level. Mark the floor, align the wooden batons, & screw them in place, checking for pipes & wires before drilling. Slide the panel under the bath rim, secure with screws, & repeat for other panels. Read our bath panel installation guide for more details.

To seal your bathtub, follow these steps:

1. Apply masking tape above & below the bath edge, leaving a 3mm gap.

2. Using the narrowest point, fill the gap with sealant.

3. Cut the sealant nozzle at a 45-degree angle & apply a wider layer on top. Smooth the sealant with a wet fingertip.

4. Remove tape before sealant dries.

5. Allow 24 hours to set.

To learn more, read our guide to sealing a bath.

Shower, smarter

More control. More intelligence. Mira digital showers change the way you shower. Enjoy customisable settings, voice and app control, useful insights into water and energy usage – plus our most precise temperature control.

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