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Full Range of Shower Accessories

Store Module Store Module
Mira AdeptStore Module

Multi-function storage pot or soap dish. Integrates with the Mira Adept BRD mixer shower range.

Sense Module Sense Module
Mira AgileSense Module

Digital display for temperature and time that Integrates into the valve.

Store Module Store Module
Mira AgileStore Module

Multi-function storage pot or soap dish. Compatible with the Mira Agile mixer shower range.

Exposed Pipework Installation Elbows Exposed Pipework Installation Elbows
Mira Bar ValveExposed Pipework Installation Elbows

The perfect solution for installing any bar valve with exposed pipework.

Fixing Kit
Mira Bar ValveFixing Kit

Our latest bar valve fixing kit.

Showerhead Holder Showerhead Holder
Mira LogicShowerhead Holder

Showerhead holder available in white or chrome.

Soap Dish Soap Dish
Mira LogicSoap Dish

The Mira Logic soap dish is wall mounted for use anywhere in, or outside the showering area.

Adjustable Elbow Pack Adjustable Elbow Pack
Mira Mini ValveAdjustable Elbow Pack

Retro-fits most old showers - no need to re-plumb or re-tile.

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