Looking to replace your shower? Buy your shower direct from us and we'll install it for £75 with our hassle-free Supply & Fit replacement service.

Looking to replace your shower? Buy your shower direct from us and we'll install it for £75 when booking a Supply & Fit service.


Introducing Mira HeatCapture™ Heat Exchange Recovery System

Keep the heat. Lose the inefficiency.

Simple. Innovative. Effective. Mira HeatCapture™ heat exchanger recovers heat from waste shower water to save energy and boost your home’s efficiency. It brings sustainable performance to new homes at a surprisingly low cost.

For housebuilders, the pressure to achieve ambitious building regulation sustainability targets while meeting challenging budgets is on. Thankfully, the latest energy saving innovation from Mira offers a simple solution. This waste water heat recovery system is designed to increase SAP efficiencies.


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What is a heat exchanger?

A heat exchanger, simply put is a device that passes heat from one area to another. These can be found on boilers, engines, and air conditioning units to name a few examples.

How does the heat recovery system work?

Mira HeatCapture™ is an innovative energy saving system that recycles the heat energy from waste shower water to warm up the new supply. Its simple-to-fit, high performance design offers one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to boost the energy efficiency rating for new homes.

Watch our animation to see how the heat recovery works.

Features & Benefits

High performance. At its core.

A unique ridged core increases the surface area of the Mira HeatCapture™ heat exchanger – ensuring excellent heat transfer performance.

Saves energy, simply.

Innovative design and sustainable materials used in our stainless steel heat exchanger combine to deliver KIWA Approved efficiency of up to 64%.

High efficiency, low cost.

Boost the energy rating of your build without sacrificing budget. Our innovative heat recovery system offers one of the highest SAP points-to-cost ratios available.

Ready-to-go installation

Backed by decades of installation expertise, we’ve made Mira HeatCapture™ easy to fit – with all parts supplied. So, installers spend less time on-site.


Sustainable by design

Strong, durable and resistant to even the harshest chemicals, the Mira HeatCapture™ heat exchanger core is manufactured from high quality stainless steel.


Fit it. Then forget it.

With Mira HeatCapture™, there’s no commissioning and no planned maintenance required. For you, or the homeowner.


Built to last

The heat exchanger’s outer casing is manufactured from PVC – ensuring long-term durability that offers robust protection for the assembly.

Installation Best Practice

Watch our best practice step by step installation overview on how to install the Mira HeatCapture™ waste water heat recovery system.



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For more information about waste heat recovery systems contact your Mira Specification team member or email: estimating@mirashower.com. You can view and download the current Mira HeatCapture™ Technical Product Datasheet below:

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Alternatively, for general information about how we at Mira, visit our Specification at Mira area or for more general specifier resources click here.