Introducing the Mira Mode App

Wednesday 31st May 2017

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At Mira Showers, we have dedicated teams who are committed to New Product Development and who design our innovative, user-engineered products. Introducing our new Mira Mode digital shower – complete with the first ever Mira app.


Why the need for an app?

Mira Mode responds to a growing consumer demand for connected products in the home. Research suggests that the ‘Smart Home’ is on the rise, suggesting that purchases of digital showers could rise to up 59% of shower installations in time. In the same way that consumers are using their smartphone to control their central heating and home appliances, the new Mira Mode app enables them to control their shower.

How to use the Mira Mode App

The Mode app is simple and intuitive to use, and available to download for free on both Android and iPhone. The app connects your smartphone to the Mira Mode shower via Bluetooth® so there’s no need to worry about an internet connection. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it guides you through the setup options, helping you pair with the Mode device that you have installed.

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For the professional

The Mode app has been created with the installer in mind. Usefully, the app assists the professional in some of the more technical installation steps, making troubleshooting easier. A key feature of the app is that in the unlikely event that the handshower and deluge are programmed incorrectly, you are able to switch the outlets at the touch of a button. This hassle-free solution removes the need for additional pipework, should this problem arise. It’s also useful in the commissioning of the product, allowing you to set the maximum temperature of the shower and programme which outlet is controlled via the supplied remote start/stop.


For your customer

Better still, the Mira Mode app isn’t just helpful for you, it’s great for your customer. The app gives your customer lots of handy features such as being able to set the maximum temperature and shower duration, as well as being able to switch the shower on & off remotely. It also connects them with the Mira Customer Service team, should any queries arise.

If your customer is looking for ultimate luxury, and they have chosen the Mira Mode with Bathfill, they can create up to 10 bathfill pre-sets using the app which allows them to programme their preferred depth and temperature. For those with a family, this makes bathtime easier and safer; for individual users, they can create bathfill pre-sets to suit their mood.

See for yourself how easy it is to install the Mira Mode digital shower by visiting our Step-By-Step Films section. In this area, you can watch a number of product films on the Mira Mode range and other showers from mixers to electrics.