PlumberParts Mira Mode Step-By-Step

Friday 14th September 2018

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Following on from the success of seeing PlumberParts install our latest digital shower, Mira Mode, we have created a step by step of his installation, so you can be confident when installing this shower for your customers.

Step 1 – Shower Variants

The first step to get right is choosing the correct shower variant for your customer’s situation. The Mira Mode has 12 different combinations including a single and dual outlet, rear and ceiling fed variants and high and low-pressure valves, ensuring there is a version of Mode to suit every installation.

Step 2 – Valve Positioning

With up to 10 metres of data cable provided, there is great flexibility with the valve placement. Simply choose to install the digital valve in an airing cupboard, up in the loft above the shower or under the bath, like PlumberParts.   

Step 3 – Bath Fill

With the Bath Fill variant of Mira Mode, the bath filler and the integrated overflow along with the bath waste and overflow connector, are supplied together. When fitting to a bath, just remember that all bath sizes are slightly different, and you may need to file the bath hole to ensure you can fit the bath fill.  When fitting both parts, ensure that the overflow for the bath waste is in line with the overflow connector before fitting the overflow tube and securing with the jubilee clips supplied.

Step 4 – Pipework

When first fixing the pipework, a PlumberParts pro tip is to ensure that you clip the pipes, even if they are in the chase and not on view. This ensures that when you come to second fix all of your shower fittings, the pipework will not be moving around, making your life much easier. With the bath fill, you will typically do your final connections when the bath is in place, so simply first fix the pipes in place, ready.     

Step 5 – Data Cable

Mira Mode comes with two interfaces as standard, the main user interface and a remote button. At this stage chase out how much wire you need, underneath the bath and then tape up any excess wire to make sure everything is neat and tidy. The cable connects to the digital valve and is held in place with a metal lock in clamp. Ensure that you use the rubber protection provided to stop any water ingress and prevent the wire from being pulled out when you finish the installation.

Step 6 – Fittings

Mira Mode has an integrated RAC (right angle connector) built in to the riser rail. A great feature, giving a minimalist finish but also reducing the need for additional drilling. The RAC is held together with a small grub screw that is turned anti-clockwise to tighten.

Step 7 – Flushing Pipework

Before turning the hot and cold supply back on you will need to install your bath waste and connect it to the stack. This is also an opportunity to second fix the bath filler feed as well. At this stage, you are ready to turn the supply back on. Before you continue, make sure that you flush your pipework of any debris to prevent any additional potential blockages and issues later down the line.

Step 8 – Mobile App

In order to get the full experience of Mira Mode, download the Mira Mode App from the App Store. You will need your Bluetooth activated in order to pair with the shower. Simply press and hold the shower button on the user interface until it begins to flash. This will enter the shower into pairing mode and, when you are ready to connect, press the connect button on your mobile device to pair the device and shower together. You will now be connected and moments away from your perfect Mira experience.

Watch the video

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