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Mira VierDual Ceiling Fed - High Pressure / Combi Boiler

  • 5
    Year warranty
  • High Pressure

Experience ultimate control at your fingertips with our easy to use, wireless Vier controller with ice white finish. Ceiling fed, high pressure option.

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Precise control

Precise flow and temperature control with maximum temperature setting, ensuring safer showering for all the family.

Wireless controller

Adjust your temperature at the touch of a button, and use the controller to easily fine tune your flow.

Warm-up mode

Welcoming warm-up mode pauses at your ideal temperature so it's ready when you are.

Accurate and informative

Keep track of the time whilst you shower with the digital clock display. Also displays the 5 minute timer when the Eco function is selected.

Unique spray experiences

Conserves water use and saves battery life by dimming display.

More possibilities

Two showerheads that can work together. The Mira 360 showerhead with Mira Flipstream™ technology offers 1 flip action and 4 unique sprays, plus the luxurious 250mm deluge head.

Digital bathfill

Optional bathfill remembers your ideal bath - programme your ideal temperature and depth and enjoy time after time. Perfect for families with young children.


Temperature Control
  • Thermostatic Technology
  • Automatic Shutdown: Yes
  • Maximum temperature setting for increased safety
Installation - Units & Fittings
  • Water Entry Points: Top - Ceiling Fed
  • Inlet Connections: 15mm Push Fit (supplied) or 15mm compression
  • Data Connection to digital mixer: Wireless
Installation - Digital Mixer
  • Inlet connections: 15mm Push Fit (Supplied) or 15mm Compression
  • Outlet connection: 15mm Push Fit (Supplied)
  • Data connection to control unit & fittings: Wireless
  • Supply Voltage: 230v + 10%
  • Supply Rating: 3 amp
Supply Conditions
  • Cold Water range 1°C-20°C
  • Hot Water range 55°C-65°C
  • Minimum maintained pressure: High pressure: 0.5 bar (5 metre head)
  • Maximum maintained pressure: High pressure: 5.0 bar (50 metre head)
  • Maximum static pressure: High Pressure: 10.0 bar (100 metre head)
Benefits for your customer
  • Flow rate: Up to 16 l/min at 1 Bar
  • Separate temperature and flow controls
  • Programmable functions
  • 250mm deluge head and Mira 360 showerhead
  • Approvals - WRAS & KIWA UK Approved
Easy to fit & Maintain
  • Large, long life filters
  • Replaceable cartridge
  • Built in push-fit isolators
Enhanced performance.

Enjoy a showering experience that’s personalised to you. Find your idea flow and temperature with our precise controls. Boost your showering experience with both a deluge and separate handshower working simultaneously. Welcome to the future of shower

Double the performance.

Experience 2 showerheads working at once with our Mira Vier Dual. Our chrome deluge head delivers a spa-like experience whilst the separate Mira 360 showerhead offers you 4 unique spray experiences. Find the spray experience to suit your mood.