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Bathroom Inspiration: The Mira Shower & Bathroom Blog

We could all do with a bit of guidance when it comes to renovating, redesigning, and decorating our bathroom spaces, so sit back (for now!) and let our blog guide you through the major milestones and answer all your burning questions. Explore the latest bathroom designs in the Trends section, source bathroom project ideas in How To, learn what to look out for when buying bathroom products in Mira Recommends, and learn more about Mira's product innovation and community initiatives.

Showering Before Bed

Discover the pros and cons of showering or bathing before bed in our guide.

Shower Door Buying Guide

Find out which shower door is right for you

Should You Apply Face Masks Before or After Showering?

Our guide to getting the most out of your beauty routine

How to Clean Chrome Bathroom Fixtures

Keep your chrome fixtures sparkling with our cleaning tips

Dark and Gothic Bathroom Design Ideas

Discover how to incorporate inky opulence into your bathroom design

How to Replace a Shower Hose

A step-by-step guide to replacing a shower hose

How to fix a dripping showerhead?

Tips to help you stop your showerhead leaking

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Safe Shower Head

Practical and safety advice from our product team

Too Hot or Cold: How Seasonal Weather Affects Your Shower

If your electric shower is too hot or too cold, it could be because of seasonal changes

The Ultimate Guide to Mixer Showers

Explore our ultimate guide to mixer- & thermostatic showers

Top 6 Shower Curtain Alternatives

Top Wooden Bathroom Design Ideas

It’s time to introduce your bathroom to the natural benefits of wood.

How to Get Hair Dye Off Bathroom Walls & Tiles

How Much Value Can a New Bathroom Add to Your Home?

Property prices depend on many of factors, but how much value can a new bathroom add?

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Quick ideas for fixing up your bathroom

Eco Shower Heads Buying Guide

How to Remove Bathroom Tiles

Fun Family Bathroom Design Ideas

How to Create a Nautical Bathroom Theme

Follow our tips to give your bathroom some sea legs

The Ultimate Bathroom Taps Buying Guide

A look at the different types of taps you could choose for your bathroom

2023 Bathroom Design Trends

Popular design ideas for 2023

How to Create a Spa Bathroom in Your Home

Design your wellbeing sanctuary

How to Prevent Frozen and Burst Pipes

DIY fixes to defrost your pipes

Ensuite Bathroom Ideas & Designs

Ensuite design ideas for bathrooms big and small

Top 8 Shower & Bathroom Aids for Accessible Bathrooms

How to create an accessible bathroom

Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Eight of the best bathroom flooring options for style and safety

Hard Water vs. Soft Water

Explore the effects of hard water

The Ultimate Guide to Washing Your Towels

The secret to long-lasting and super-absorbent towels

7 Benefits of Using Bathroom Panels

Why shower panels are a great alternative to bathroom tiles

Getting the Height Right: Standard Bathroom Fixtures Height Guide

When it comes to bathroom planning, the height of your basin, bath and shower really matters

Warm & Cosy Bathroom Design Ideas

Our guide to creating a warm and welcoming place to relax

Luxury Black Bathroom Design Ideas

Get inspired by these brilliant black bathroom ideas

Bathroom Expiration Date

How to prolong the life of your bathroom

How to Hang & Install a Bathroom Mirror

Our step-by-step guide to hanging bathroom mirrors securely

11 Small Downstairs Toilet Ideas

Ideas to help you make the most of your small downstairs toilet

How To Paint Your Bathroom Ceiling

Keep your bathroom looking it's best with our step-by-step guide to painting your ceiling.

15 Shower & Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom wall and floor tile ideas to suit spaces big and small

How to Install a Bathroom Extractor Fan

Our step by step guide for everything you need to know.

Top Grey Bathroom Design Ideas

Grey Bathroom ideas and décor

How to create a country bathroom

Create rural style in your own home with these country bathroom ideas

Style Guide for Matching Showers & Taps

Create a complete bathroom look with style-matched shower and taps

How to Save Space in Your Bathroom

Keep even small bathrooms tidy with these clever bathroom storage ideas and bathroom space savers

Essential bathroom layout tips

Make the most of your space with our helpful hints

How to Clean a Wet room Floor

Top cleaning tips to leave your bathroom sparkling

How to Clean Bathroom & Shower Wall Panels

Your Guide to Bathroom Lighting Ideas

How to Regrout Bathroom Tiles

Replacing the grout in-between your tiles can give your bathroom a whole new lease of life

6 Stylish Bathroom Tile Alternatives

How to Find the Perfect Plumber

How to find top quality service

Five Great UK Hotspots for Taking a Cold-Water Plunge

The Power Of The Cold Shower

Electric Showers Q&A | Expert Answers

All of your electric shower questions answered

Top 12 Tips on How to Save Water at Home

Ultimate Guide to Renovating Your Bathroom

Top 10 Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Even the smallest of bathrooms has huge potential, follow our guide on how to make the most of your space

Cost Per Shower Calculator

Discover how much each shower is costing you using our shower and toiletry calculator

Life as an Engineering Apprentice

Find out what it's like to be a Kohler Mira Engineering Apprentice

Life as a Business Apprentice

Find out about our latest Business Apprentices

Cold Showers vs. Hot Showers: What Are the Benefits

How changing temperatures can help your mind and body

How to Add Colour to your Bathroom

Follow our 8 simple ideas to transform your bathroom into a colourful sanctuary

How to Create a Pet Friendly Bathroom

Follow our simple steps to create a pet friendly bathroom

How to Clean Shower Glass, Doors & Screens

Our tips on the best way to clean shower glass

How to create a spa in your own bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a haven of indulgence and pampering

How to Fix a Dripping Tap & Leaking Bathtub

Learn how to fix a leaking tap yourself and skip the plumber bill.

Mira Evoco

Mira Evoco - Step into Sleek Luxury

How to Unblock a Shower Drain

Shower won’t drain? Banish annoying blocked drains with our helpful hints

Monochrome Bathrooms: Black and White Bathroom Ideas

Modern or classic, cool or smart, black and white is a winning combination.

How to tile your bathroom

Tiling your bathroom floor and walls can be straightforward when you know how

6 Contemporary & Modern Bathroom Ideas for 2022

Ideas and designs to help you modernise your bathroom and bring it into the 21st Century

How to increase water pressure in your shower

Find out how to increase the water pressure and make the most of your shower.

The Best Small Bathroom Ideas With Showers

Find the right shower for your small bathroom and maximise space

How to Remove Limescale from Showers and Taps

Say goodbye to limescale deposits in your bathroom

How To Choose The Best Shower For Your Bathroom

Find out how to choose the best shower for your home

Thermostatic Shower Buying Guide

Everything you need to know about thermostatic showers

DIY Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

DIY hacks to transform your bathroom

The Benefits of a Jack and Jill Bathroom

Transform your space with a Jack and Jill bathroom

The Water-Saving Shower Playlist for World Water Day

Music for a sustainable shower time

The 10 Best Small Bathroom Colour Ideas

10 paint colours to try that will transform your bathroom

How To Clean And Descale Your Shower Head

Keep your showerhead sparkling with our cleaning tips

The Best Electric Shower For Your Home

Our Guide on Choosing Which Electric Shower to Buy

How To Prevent & Get Rid Of Mould In The Bathroom

Take action on bathroom mould and mildew

What Size Bath Do I Need?

A guide to finding the right bathtub size for your space

How To Remove And Change A Bath Tap

A step-by-step guide to removing and changing a bath tap

How To Prevent & Reduce Bathroom Condensation

Quick and simple ways to stop condensation forming on your bathroom ceilings and walls

7 Different Types of Showerheads and Styles

We help explain the different types of showerheads available

Choosing The Best Shower Hose For You: A Buying Guide

Learn how to choose the best shower hose for your bathroom

10 Bathroom Plants That Absorb Moisture

Discover the best dehumidifying plants for your bathroom

How To Remove And Replace A Corner Shower Enclosure

A step-by-step guide to removing your corner shower

How To Replace And Fit An Electric Shower

A step-by-step guide to installing an electric shower in your bathroom

How To Fit and Replace A Mixer Shower Tap

Fitting a shower mixer is made easy with our step-by-step guide

The Ultimate Sunday Self-Care Routine

Sharing our favourite Sunday self-care tips

How To Seal A Bath, Shower Tray, or Sink

Follow our guide to effectively using silicone sealant in your bathroom

The Ultimate Guide to Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Everything you need to know about quadrant shower enclosures

The UK’s Hair Washing Habits

Answering the most commonly asked questions when it comes to hair washing.

The Best Books to Read in the Bath

Choose your next book from our top 100 best books to read in the bath ranking.

How To Fit A Shower Tray So It's Watertight

Proper shower tray installation is essential for preventing leaks

How To Install A Shower Pump in 7 Steps

A step-by-step guide to fitting a shower pump.

How To Install & Replace A Shower Drain In 5 Steps

Top tips for installing or replacing a shower drain

5 Ways to Brighten Up & Ventilate A Bathroom Without Windows

Top tips to make the most of a windowless bathroom

6 Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas for 2022

Strike the balance between natural charm and classic comfort to create the perfect rustic bathroom

How To Stop An Over Bath Shower Screen From Leaking

Fix a leaking shower door or bath screen yourself, without hiring a professional

Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas

Give your bathroom an industrial-style makeover

The Best Shower Temperature for Your Body & Hair

The best shower water temperature for different circumstances

Best Shower Bath Screens: The Buying Guide

Tips to help you choose the best bath screen for your bathroom

Old Fashioned & Vintage Bathroom Ideas

Give your bathroom a makeover with a style that is both classic and contemporary

The Bathroom Accessories Buying Guide

Bathroom accessory ideas for any style and budget

The true cost of celebrity skincare routines

From serums and face masks to hydration creams and lip scrubs, discover some of the best celebrity skincare secrets and how much they cost.

Mira HydroGlo™ Technology

Intuitive. Illuminating. Innovative.

The top-rated spa breaks across the UK

From deep tissue massages to revitalising facials, discover the best counties and regions across the UK for a spa break.

Choosing The Best Water Pump For Your Shower

A complete guide to shower pumps

How to clean your bathroom

Discover tips on how to clean everything from your toilet to your bathroom sink

The Shower Over Bath Buying Guide

Shower-over-bath ideas to suit your bathroom

How to fit a shower screen on a bath

Follow our instructions to properly install a bath shower screen

Types of Shower Trays - A Buying Guide

How to choose the best type of shower tray for your bathroom

How to unblock a bathroom sink

Get the water flowing again with our guide to unblocking a bathroom sink

Fitting a freestanding bath & taps

Tips to help you fit a freestanding bath

How to remove and fit a bath panel

A step-by-step guide to removing and installing a bath panel

Guest bathroom ideas

How to make your guest bathroom as welcoming as can be

How to choose the best digital shower

Everything you need to know about the world of smart and digital showers

The pros and cons of replacing your bath with a shower

Here’s everything you should consider when deciding whether to convert your bath to a shower

Designer Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom interior design inspiration for a high-end, designer finish

White bathroom ideas

Tips to help you design a minimalist, traditional or modern white bathroom

Shower Enclosures Buying Guide

How to choose the best shower enclosure for your bathroom

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Solutions and ideas for a tiny bathroom

How to prepare the perfect relaxing bath

Eight tips to revolutionise your bath routine

How to create a luxury bathroom

Dial-up your downtime with a luxury bathroom

Bath buying guide

How to choose the best bath for your bathroom

Before and After: The Top Ten Bathroom Renovations of Instagram

From complete overhauls to simple paint tricks - these renovations will provide all the inspiration you need for your own bathroom makeover.

10 bathroom trends for 2021

These are the top bathroom design trends for 2021

Wet room ideas on a budget

How to get the wet room look for a fraction of the price

How to create a wet room

Follow our guide to ensure your wet room is super stylish and water-tight

The UK's Pampered Pooches

Exploring the nation's approach to caring for our dogs at home and how to do it properly

How to seal a bath

How to clean bathroom grout

These tips on cleaning tile grout will leave your bathroom looking as good as new.

How to clean a shower curtain

Get your shower curtain looking good as new in no time

How to clean a shower

How to incorporate shower cleaning into your weekly housework

The World's Favourite Shower Songs

We've analysed thousands of playlists to discover the world’s best songs to sing in the shower

'Try before you buy’ with augmented reality showers

Bring products to life in your own home using Augmented Reality.

How to fit a shower enclosure

There's a shower enclosure to suit you, even when space is at a minimum

The Nation's Biggest Bathroom Pet Peeves

Have you ever been guilty of these shocking bathroom habits?

10 bathroom cleaning hacks

Get your bathroom looking spotless with these quick and easy cleaning hacks for showers, toilets, bathtubs and more.

5 reasons to consider a double shower

Explore how dual showers can enhance your bathroom experience

The 10 best houseplants for your bathroom

Discover which plants thrive best in your bathroom

How to achieve an art deco bathroom

Add a touch of 1930s glamour to your bathroom

Why two shower heads are better than one

We've now introduced double showers for electric showers

Types of Electric Showers

We run through the different types of electrics showers in our range

32 degrees, 103 miles & £1,090

The Severn Bridge Charity Cycle

Shower Curtain or Shower Bath Screen: which is better?

How to keep your bathroom dry without compromising on style

The best showers for a combi boiler system

Make sure your new shower is compatible with your combi boiler system

How to keep your bathroom ventilated

How to banish extra bathroom moisture

How to clean rainfall shower heads

The correct way to keep your rainfall shower sparkling

Kohler Mira COVID-19 Response

Team of volunteers supplies face shields to support our amazing key workers

The Great British Bathroom Blitz

Are you ready for a bathroom tidy? Join Mira for a massive bathroom clean-out

International Women’s Day 2020

Formula 1 in Schools

Supporting local school to design and build a miniature compressed air powered car

New Charity Partner for 2020

Kohler Mira announces new charity partner for 2020

2020 Business Vision Launch

Sharing our excitement for the upcoming year with our associates

Get Up and Go Shower Routine

A routine that's healthy for your mind and body

Instagram vs. Reality 

The Cost Behind Some of The World’s Most Instagrammable Hotel Bathrooms

Bathing Routines Around the World

Bathing traditions steeped in history

Introducing: Mira Flight Baths

The first range of Baths created by us in our 98 year history.

charity: water - the results

Our 2017 charity of the year got in touch to tell us what our total donation achieved

Global Handwashing Day

Tackling sanitation issues through innovation at Kohler Mira

Mira Sport Max Wins Queen’s Awards For Enterprise

Second Queens award in two years

Music in the Bathroom : The Perfect Bathroom Playlist

The ultimate bathroom playlist

Bathroom Minimalism: The Only Bathroom Essentials You Need

Get back to basics

Showers Through the Ages

The evolution of the shower

How To Create A Feng Shui Bathroom

Create balance and vibrant energy

Which Country Showers the Most

The cleanest country in the world

Does Your Bathroom Spark Joy? How to Declutter Your Space

Marie Kondo your bathroom

The Health Benefits of Baths

Soak up the goodness

What's your dream bathroom colour?

Find your dream bathroom colour with our personality test

The Health Benefits of Showers

Soak up the goodness

Introducing the new Mira Decor electric shower range

Superior style meets complete convenience

Make Your Bathroom a Creative Space for Kids

Make bath time child's play

Bath or Shower: Which one should you choose?

The great bathroom debate rages on

Bathing Routines for Athletes

Post workout rituals from the professionals

How to Perfect Your Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Routine

Streamline your scrubbing


The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Wallpaper

Create your own statement wall

Heating in the Bathroom: How to Get It Right

Things are heating up

Meet one of Kohler Mira's Mental Health First Aiders

During Mental Health Awareness week in the UK, we took the opportunity to catch up with Stuart Parker, one of our Mental Health First Aiders

2019 Fashion Trends Recreated in the Bathroom

Take inspiration from the catwalk

Everyday Bathroom Rules You Never Knew Existed

The secrets of British bathrooms

The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Shelving

De-clutter in style

From Statement to Spa: 2019 Bathroom Trends

Discover 2019's biggest bathroom trends

Introducing the new Mira Flight Level Shower Tray

The elegance of a modern wetroom, made effortless

Kohler Mira Announces Charity Total & New Charity Partner for 2019

Our associates raised £32,000 for our chosen charity partner in 2018.

10 of the world’s greatest achievements to come out of the bathroom

We discover some of the brightest ideas to have come from our bathrooms.

‘Shower Thoughts’ from Reddit, explained by experts

Have you ever noticed that you seem to have some of your best ideas in the shower?

Give your bathroom a Scandi-style makeover

Discover how to transform your bathroom into a Scandinavian oasis of calm

Transform Your Bathroom into a 5* Hotel

Indulge yourself by giving your bathroom a luxurious boutique hotel makeover.

My Career Story: Ian Battye

Mira Ascend Design Story

Our latest shower enclosure range is our most luxurious to date

Create a shabby chic bathroom

Transform your bathroom into a vintage escape from the modern world

Travels to the USA Part 2: Shaun Skelton

Travels to the USA Part 1: Tom Godden

Bathroom bacteria: Under the microscope

Discover the hidden dangers in your bathroom and how to eliminate them.

Innovation and Sustainability

With Charlotte Gregory, Sustainability Engineer

Create an on-trend bathroom with copper

Add the latest trend to your bathroom with modern copper accessories and lighting

The History of Mira Excel

We find out why the Mira Excel is the choice of the professional installer and has been for nearly 30 years.

Human Centred Design

James Bourne on a Hand Washing Project in Indonesia

How Botanicals Can Make A Bathroom

Why bringing plants into a bathroom can make it come alive

House-proud Baby Boomers Want Style and Substance

We reveal what the over 65s are really looking for

A Day In The Life Of

Emma Cox, Internal Sales

How To Create A Stylish & Safe Bathroom

7 top tips for a safe environment without compromising on style

A Day In The Life Of

Katy Rogers, National Service Manager

Focusing On The End Customer

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

REVEALED: What Brits are really getting up to in the bathroom

We unlock the secrets of the UK’s love affair with the shower.

Associate Report: CES 2018

One of our associates shares her visit to the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas

What do you think about in the shower?

Turns out shower time isn't just to get clean

World Wish Week

Our fundraising focus week in support of Make-A-Wish UK

Bathroom Double Sinks

Bathroom double sinks can give your home a touch of hotel chic

Volunteer Days

Inspiring Little Minds

Mira Meta – our new stylish & affordable electric shower

An affordable, stylish electric shower with easy to use controls.

My Apprentice Story - Nineties to Now

Senior Supply Chain Analyst, Adam Barnett and Project Engineer, Kristian Derrett share their apprentice stories.

What Is It Like to Be An Apprentice In 2018?

We caught up with two of our current apprentices, to get their perspective.

My Apprentice Story - Sarah Sadler

Sarah, our Finance Director, shares how opportunities within her early career helped her to get to where she is today.

A History of Apprenticeships

A look back at a history of apprenticeships at Kohler Mira

kW ratings explained

A practical guide to understand the kW rating of electric showers

Kohler Mira Announces A Fundraising Deluge!

Our associates have raised over £70,000 for our charity partners in 2017

Mira Advance Design Story

The first choice for over 20 years.

Introducing the new Mira Advance

A design so considered, why consider anything else.

All you need to know about bathroom waterproofing

Stop water from going where it shouldn’t with our handy tips

How to fit a Mira Leap shower enclosure

Use our easy-to-follow instructions to properly install a Mira Leap enclosure

How to make the most of any size bathroom

Get the best out of your bathroom by following our tips to freeing up space

How to choose the best power shower

All the facts you need to find the right power shower

Behind the scenes at Mira - Internal Sales

Introducing our first behind the scenes of Mira with our Internal Sales Team

Top bathroom trends for this year and next

We look at the latest styles and innovations on the horizon

My Development Story - Wendy Bradley

Find out about an associate's global secondment to Kohler Co. in the U.S

How to enhance your everyday routine by spoiling your senses

We’ll show you how to make small sensory changes to your daily routine that will make every day feel special

How to install the Mira Event XS power shower

A step-by-step guide to power shower installation

Mira Mixers Explained

We help explain which Mira Mixer Shower is right for you.

How to lay vinyl tile flooring in your bathroom

Our guide to adding a cost-effective, durable flooring option for your bathroom

Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas

Bring your bathroom walls to life with our hints and tips

Brilliant bathroom ideas and inspiration

Follow our fail-safe tips and revamping your washroom will be a walk in the park

Wellbeing at Kohler Mira

News on our recent Wellbeing event

How to clean bathroom mirrors without streaks

Our tips to help you achieve a spotless, streak-free mirror

Hot, Hot, Hot Showers

We recommend how to adjust your Mira Shower during the warmer weather

Mira Mode Q&A

All you need to know about our latest digital shower

Mira Mode - The Smart Shower

Introducing our latest Digital Shower

Mira Mode wins Red Dot Award

Mira Showers win Red Dot Award

Stewardship at Kohler Mira

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mira Flight Shower Trays Q&A

All you need to know on Mira Shower Trays

World Water Week

Raising awareness & fundraising for charity:water

Introducing charity: water

Kohler Mira's new chosen charity for 2017

My Apprentice Story - Emma Meek

My Apprentice Story - Angus Smith

Kohler Mira Stand Up To Cancer

Inspiring Retail

Our Focus on Associate Development

Creating a timeless bathroom

Mira Magni-flo™ technology

Mira Switch Design Story

Mira Flight Safe Design Story

Mira Airboost™ technology

Mira Aspects Collection Design Story

Mira Clearscale™ technology

Small changes to the bathroom

Mira Showers discusses the Aspects tap range

Find out why Sport Max is the UK's No.1

Simple & Low Cost upgrades to your bathroom

Five features of Mira mixer showers

Combinations in the home

Contemporary vs. traditional bathroom design

Mira Elite QT Design Story

Texture and Natural Finishes

Smart Bathroom Technology

2016 Interior Trends

Storytelling in the home

Catwalk to bathroom

Adaptable design

Curation by craft

Grand Designs – The Treehouse

Sponsorship and Sporting Affiliations

Top tips for bathroom decorating

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Mira Trays and Enclosures