Corner shower enclosures

Simple, practical and roomy, corner shower enclosures are the perfect option if you’re looking to optimise space. Designed with a square-sided footprint, they offer more showering space, without crowding the rest of your bathroom.

Over a century of innovation and experience goes into every product we design, from handles to glassware. And our corner showers are no exception. Form-fitting and built to last, Mira corner shower cubicles are available in a range of sizes and come with a number of innovative features.

Mira Elevate features strong, clean lines for a modern look. Each enclosure is made from 6 mm toughened safety glass with a 10-year guarantee for added peace of mind, and Mira CleanCoat® technology to help keep your shower glass streak-free.

Our passion for great bathroom experiences wouldn’t be complete without a high-performance shower, so why not head over to our digital shower range to complete your design?

  • 10-year/lifetime guarantee

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The Mira difference

Crystal clear cleaning, by design

Invisible Mira CleanCoat® technology makes it easy to clean our glass enclosures, panels, doors and screens – ensuring a streak-free finish every time.

Mira Flight shower trays

Contemporary design. Durable materials. Antimicrobial protection. Our Flight shower trays offer the perfect foundation for your shower area.

Make your bathroom, your room

Beautiful in form, and function – Mira showers and bathroom products are designed to bring style and performance to your everyday experience. From classic to contemporary, modern to minimalist, there’s a Mira range to suit your home.

Replace your shower

Let us find a perfect replacement and install it for you - just tell us your existing model.

Common shower enclosures questions

Browse our most frequently asked questions. For more help and advice visit our FAQs page.

We recommend rinsing the glass and frame with clear water after showering. To remove water droplets, use a squeegee – don’t rub dry.

To clean the enclosure hygienically, we recommend using a biodegradable cleanser.

To help prevent damage, chrome sections of the enclosure should only be cleaned with a product that explicitly states it can be used on chrome.

All Mira Enclosures have seals/spare parts that are unique to each product.

The back of your Installation and User Guide shows an exploded spare parts diagram. Please take a note of the part number you need, then call our Customer Services team on 0844 571 5000 or contact us to buy.

If you can’t find the part number, let our team know the product name (e.g. Leap, Elevate, Ascend etc.) and we’ll do our best to help.


The minimum and maximum frame adjustments are included in the Installation and User Guide for each product.

If you need any further help, just call our Customer Services team on 0844 571 5000 or contact us.

Shower, smarter

More control. More intelligence. Mira digital showers change the way you shower. Enjoy customisable settings, voice and app control, useful insights into water and energy usage – plus our most precise temperature control.

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