Dual and double showers

Dual (or double) showers have two shower heads you can switch between – a fixed overhead outlet and a moveable handheld one. With two options at your fingertips, you can enjoy different flow experiences – an indulgent rainfall effect from the overhead shower head, or an invigorating jet from the handset. Mira also offers a triple outlet valve option, with an additional bath-filler tap.

Mira dual outlets bring more choice and more luxury to your everyday – available across our mixer, electric, power and digital ranges to suit any bathroom. And with a choice of stunning designs and finishes – from classic or contemporary, bright chrome to understated black – you can enjoy an elevated shower experience that suits your personal style.

With a two-in-one format, they bring spa-like indulgence home thanks to the drenching full-body spray of the fixed overhead. Paired with the powerful handset, you can tailor your shower to perfection – or even combine with a bath with the 3-way valve option. Double the outlets. Double the experience. Mira dual showers are the proof: two heads really are better than one.

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Beautiful in form, and function – Mira showers and bathroom products are designed to bring style and performance to your everyday experience. From classic to contemporary, modern to minimalist, there’s a Mira range to suit your home.

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A shower with two shower heads adds a luxurious experience to showering, creating a spa-like atmosphere. You can create a sanctuary out of your shower space, a place where you can take a break from the hectic world - discover more reasons to consider a double shower in our guide.

A dual shower head system includes a two-way diverter valve, which allows the water to switch between the two shower heads. Some models also allow both outlets to run at the same time, depending on the flow rate of your water system.

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More control. More intelligence. Mira digital showers change the way you shower. Enjoy customisable settings, voice and app control, useful insights into water and energy usage – plus our most precise temperature control.

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