Electric showers

Electric showers use a built-in element to heat cold water from your mains supply. A great option for lowering your water and energy usage – plus our revolutionary Mira Clearscale technology reduces limescale build-up for longer lasting performance.

Mixer showers

Mixer showers combine water from your hot and cold supplies to create your perfect temperature. Precise thermostatic control keeps the heat steady – for a safe, more comfortable shower experience. While Mira Magni-flo technology helps to create the UK’s most powerful mixer showers.

Digital showers

Digital showers (or smart showers) are mixer showers that have a digital valve and smart controller. They combine hot and cold water to precisely create your ideal temperature – while also integrating features like voice and app control, customisable presets for temperature and flow, and a warm-up mode.

Power showers

Power showers combine water from your hot and cold supplies to create your perfect temperature – before a built-in pump boosts the water flow. They’re designed for homes with low-pressure water, or gravity-fed tank systems – helping to bring powerful, invigorating shower experiences to everyone.

Dual showers

Available across our mixer, electric, power and digital ranges, dual (or double) showers have two shower heads you can switch between – a fixed overhead outlet and a moveable handheld one. With two options at your fingertips, you can enjoy different flow experiences – an indulgent rainfall effect from the overhead outlet, or an invigorating jet from the handset.

Not sure which is your current shower or water system?

We know that understanding different shower types and water systems can be a little tricky – so we’ve made it simple to find out what your current setup is with quick and easy tools and guides.

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Replace your shower

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