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Changing your shower head can be a simple way to upgrade your showering experience. With single, multi, fixed, rainfall and eco spray options available across multiple styles and finishes, we’ve got you covered – from everyday handheld showers to long and luxurious overhead soaks.

Design. Innovation. Functionality. And backed by 100 years of expertise. For simplicity, choose a single-spray handheld shower. Or, to level up the luxury, opt for the Mira 360 handset – and match the spray to your mood with our innovative Mira Flipstream™ technology. Then there’s our fixed shower heads – including a classic deluge to spa-like rainfall effect.

With our universal-fit system, you can enjoy the perfect shower every time – no matter your setup. And if you’ve got a high-pressure mixer shower or pumped gravity tank fed shower, choose a high pressure eco-shower head – and enjoy water usage savings of up to 85% compared to our standard options.

Stuck for choice? Check out our simple guide to shower head types and styles.

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Beautiful in form, and function – Mira showers and bathroom products are designed to bring style and performance to your everyday experience. From classic to contemporary, modern to minimalist, there’s a Mira range to suit your home.

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Common shower head questions

Browse our most frequently asked questions. For more help and advice visit our FAQs page.

You can easily descale your shower head using white vinegar - do this once a month to avoid blockages. Some Mira showers also include rub-clean nozzles for easy limescale removal. To find out more, read our guide for cleaning shower heads.

There can be multiple causes for a dripping or leaking shower head: a build-up of dirt and limescale, worn inner seals, or worn out flow cartridges in the shower's valve. Learn how to fix these issues in our dedicated guide to fixing a leaking shower head.

Changing a shower head is simple - ensure the water is turned off, hold the shower hose steady, and un-screw the shower head anti-clockwise, keeping the hose washer intact. To add a new shower head, just screw it on the hose in a clockwise rotation. Learn more about changing shower heads here.

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