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Getting The Height Right: Standard Bathroom Fixtures Height Guide

  • Tuesday 13 December 2022
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When installing a new bathroom, finding the right layout is the first step in the design process.

This includes checking that the standard bath or sink height will work in the space. Make sure your bathroom fittings are the correct height before considering the fun design elements like the colour scheme, light fixtures, tiles and flooring.

Measuring for a bath

One of the most important considerations when measuring for a bath is who will be using it. The higher the tub is, the harder it is to get in and out, which could pose a problem for young children or people with reduced mobility.

A shower over bath is a space-saving choice in smaller bathrooms, with various sizes available. For larger bathrooms, freestanding baths are a stylish and luxurious option. They are available at standard bath height and can be raised on platforms or feet. At Mira, we stock baths and panels in various styles and sizes to suit any bathroom.

What is the standard bath height?

In the UK, a standard bath measures 170cm x 70cm, with a height of 51cm. However, sizes may vary, so always check the exact measurements of each product before purchasing. Find out what size bath you need in our guide.

How much space do you need in front of a bathtub?

We recommend leaving a minimum of 150cm x 75cm along the front of your bathtub for easy access. Any bathroom furniture, such as tables, shelving and storage units, should be placed outside these measurements.

What height should bath taps be installed?

If you’re installing taps to your tub, the height will be dictated by your chosen unit. Alternatively, bath taps can be installed on the wall. We recommend placing them at least 10cm above the tub.

Measuring for a shower

Whether your shower is installed above your bath or you have a shower enclosure, getting the correct height is essential. Showerheads should be high enough for users to stand comfortably underneath but not so high that the water hits the opposite wall. Rainfall showers are usually fitted in line with the ceiling.

What is the standard shower head height?

The average shower height is 200cm. However, you can fit your showerhead to suit your height. We recommend installing it at least one foot above your head.

What is the ideal shower tray height?

Shower tray heights will vary depending on your plumbing. If you have raised pipework, the shower tray will need to be installed higher up. Low or flat shower trays are fitted in line with the floor, giving a more streamlined appearance whilst making it easier to move in and out of the shower. Learn more in our shower tray buying guide.

How to find the right shower curtain height

The right shower curtain height will vary depending on the height of your shower and the length of the curtain. Most shower curtains are around 180cm long. We recommend hanging the track or pole 5cm to 10cm higher than where you want the curtain to sit, ensuring the fabric doesn’t touch the floor.

What is the ideal shower mixer height?

Most shower mixers, taps or valves are installed 75cm to 100cm above floor level. However, this will depend on the height of your shower, bath and taps, so you can alter the position to suit your preference.

Measuring for a sink

First, decide where the sink will be positioned to find the ideal height. The existing water supply will usually determine this. Once you’re set on the location, consider what other fixings and bathroom furniture will be nearby. This could include under-sink cabinets, shelving units or mirrors.

What is the standard bathroom sink height?

The standard basin height is between 80cm and 85cm, but you can adjust this to suit your preference. We recommend finding a comfortable height for washing your hands and face or brushing your teeth.

How high should basin taps be?

If your basin taps are integrated into the unit, the height is decided for you. Wall-mounted taps should be placed around 20cm above the sink, allowing you to wash your hands comfortably. However, you can install them higher or lower if you prefer.

Measuring for a bathroom mirror

When choosing your bathroom mirror’s position, use your height as a guide. Find the average height of everyone in your household and ensure they fit comfortably within the top and bottom of the mirror.

We recommend positioning the bottom of the mirror above the basin taps for a symmetrical look. Learn more about how to hang a mirror in our dedicated guide.

Need help installing your new bath, shower or sink at the correct height? Visit our installation support page for more information.

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