By Kerry Hale

What Size Bath Do I Need?

  • Tuesday 25 February 2022
  • 4 minute read

If you’re redesigning your bathroom, choosing the right bathtub size for your space and lifestyle is vital. Explore the different types of baths available and learn how to measure a bath in our helpful guide.

Standard bathtub sizes

Bathtubs are available in a range of standard dimensions, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit. Even if your home has a unique configuration, these standard bath sizes should fit most bathrooms. Whether you have a small bathroom or plenty of space to work with, these are the most popular bath sizes: 

  • Standard bath: The most popular bathtub size is 1700mm x 700mm, known as a standard bath. These dimensions should work in most bathrooms but always measure your space first. Choose the single-ended Mira Flight Bath for a lightweight and stylish standard bathtub.  
  • Small bath: If space is limited in your bathroom or en-suite, consider a small bath. Measuring 1400mm x 700mm, they are shorter in length than a standard bath. 
  • Large bath: More spacious bathrooms could accommodate a large bath, measuring 1800mm x 800mm. These baths tend to be freestanding, like the Mira Flight Bath, making a stylish addition to your bathroom.  

Types of baths 

Once you’ve established the best bath size for your space, consider what bathtub style you’d prefer. A larger, freestanding bath offers maximum comfort if you enjoy relaxing and reading in the bath, whilst a compact shower bath unit can maximise space. Whatever your preference, we’ve got products to suit all budgets and bathroom designs. Some of the most popular styles are:

  • Shower baths: These two-in-one units are versatile and space-saving, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms that don’t have room for a separate shower and bath.   
  • Freestanding baths: A freestanding bath makes a stylish addition to larger bathrooms. They have a longer bath length than a standard bathtub, offering a more luxurious and comfortable experience. 
  • Corner baths: A corner bath could be the ideal solution if your bathroom is tiny or has an unusual layout.

How to measure a bath

Getting the correct bathtub dimensions is essential, so you can rest assured that your new bath will fit and function well in your space. Our step-by-step guide will help you get it right the first time: 

  • Measure the length and width of the space in your bathroom where the bathtub will be installed so you know how much room you have to work with. 
  • Consider bath height when measuring your space, as taller baths can be difficult to get in and out of, especially for children and older people. The standard bath height is 510mm, whatever design you choose. Remember that freestanding baths can be raised on a platform, or panels can be added to increase the height of a standard bathtub.  
  • Consider which bath size and style will work best in your space and for your lifestyle. For example, if you have a large bathroom and enjoy spending time relaxing in the bath, a freestanding bath is perfect.


Still not sure which bath is best for you? Read our bath buying guide for more helpful tips.

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