Bathroom taps

Our bathroom taps are innovatively designed with functionality and durability in mind – and are produced to the highest quality standards. Pillar taps have separate hot and cold taps, while mixer taps mix the water to the perfect temperature internally - and both are available as either basin or bath taps.

New taps can refresh your bathroom with minimal disruption – a simple way to add a touch of unique style. Mira’s range includes seven designs, spanning the sleek and contemporary to a more traditional period look, with both basin, bath filler and shower mixer tap options available.

Thanks to our passion for quality and over 100 years of experience in bathroom designs, no matter what tap you’re after, we’re confident we can help you find what you need. For more advice, take a look at our bathroom taps buying guide.

  • 5-year guarantee

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The Mira difference

Timeless, classic style

With authentic Victorian features including crosshead blade handles, our Mira Virtue range is the epitome of traditional tap style.

Award-winning beauty

Combining fluid forms with geometric precision, Mira Fluency offers iconic, modern style – with its design recognised by multiple industry awards.

Make your bathroom, your room

Beautiful in form, and function – Mira showers and bathroom products are designed to bring style and performance to your everyday experience. From classic to contemporary, modern to minimalist, there’s a Mira range to suit your home.

Replace your shower

Let us find a perfect shower replacement and install it for you – just tell us your existing model.

Common tap questions

Browse our most frequently asked questions. For more help and advice visit our FAQs page.

Mira offers 5 different types of taps, which can be divided into basin and bath taps: pillar taps have separate hot & cold water outlets, while mixer taps mix the water internally to an ideal temperature. Bath-shower mixer taps have the additional feature of feeding the water into a shower attachment as well. Learn more in our bathroom taps guide.

The most common cause of tap leaks is worn washers due to friction. Over time, this wear causes leaks. Additionally, tap stems or internal parts can become loose, so it's essential to ensure all nuts, washers, and screws are tightened sufficiently. Learn how to fix a leaking tap here.

To remove limescale from taps, soak a cloth in vinegar or lemon juice and wrap it around the tap. Secure with an elastic band & leave for an hour. Remove, & wipe away the limescale. For stubborn spots, screw half a lemon onto the spout, leave for an hour, then rinse & scrub. Learn more in our limescale removal guide.

Shower, smarter

More control. More intelligence. Mira digital showers change the way you shower. Enjoy customisable settings, voice and app control, useful insights into water and energy usage – plus our most precise temperature control.

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