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Style Guide for Matching Showers & Taps

  • Wednesday 26 October 2022
  • 5 minute read

Bathroom decoration has many stages. Naturally, designing the layout and choosing colours, flooring, tiles and fixtures comes first. However, the finer details like taps, showers and handles will add the finishing touches to your space. Whether you're set on a style or are looking for inspiration, we've paired some of our best-selling showers and taps to help you get started.

Why match your bathroom taps and shower?

Matching your taps and shower will give your bathroom design a timeless and coherent look, so you won't need to redecorate as trends change. Choosing the same finish for these elements will tie the design together, creating harmony and balance within the space.

Types of taps

At Mira, we offer various taps, including mixer, pillar, and monobloc taps.

Mira matching tap sets

Explore our favourite matching tap sets and showers to find the perfect pairing for your bathroom.

Mira Beacon dual shower and Mira Evolve taps

The Mira Beacon dual shower is ideal if you have a minimal, modern bathroom. The Mira Beacon is suitable for family bathrooms or en-suites, offering an overhead deluge for luxury and a detachable showerhead for convenience. Your showering experience will be even better thanks to Mira HydroGlo technology, which lights up when your shower reaches your desired temperature.

This shower looks great paired with the Mira Evolve range of basin and bath taps, thanks to their similar minimalist design and high-shine chrome finish. Choose from the Evolve basin pillar taps or Evolve monobloc mixer, depending on your preference. Then, there are three options for your bath: the Evolve bath fillerbath and shower mixer or classic bath pillar taps.

Mira Honesty shower and tap set

Classic and contemporary, Mira Honesty is a cubist-inspired mixer shower. From its elegant form to its premium chrome finish, this design works well in contemporary bathrooms. Featuring Mira Magni-flo technology, designed to deliver up to 3x more water than similar mixer showers even at low pressure, you're guaranteed a luxurious showering experience with this design.

Unlike similar mixer showers, the Mira Honesty will work on all systems and pressures. Available in both single EV and dual ERD outlets, choose the option that best suits your space and lifestyle.

Then, pair your new shower with the Mira Honesty tap range for a matching look. Like the shower, this design combines hard angles with softened corners, making this a family-friendly tap that doesn't compromise style. Choose from monobloc and pillar options for your basin, then decide between the Mira Honesty bath filler or Mira bath and shower mixer tap.

Mira Platinum shower and Mira Fluency taps

The Mira Platinum digital shower is designed for high-pressure combi boilers or gravity-fed systems, with built-in temperature control to give you the best showering experience. Choose from the rear-fedceiling-fed and pumped Mira Platinum shower, depending on your system's configuration. All models are available with a single, detachable showerhead or a dual design with a deluge head and hand-held option.

If you're hoping to match your new shower to your bathroom taps, the minimal, contemporary design of the Mira Platinum range perfectly fits the Mira Fluency basin mixer monobloc tap. This sleek tap design and the shiny chrome finish will complement any Mira Platinum showers.

Mira Realm and Virtue taps

If you love vintage home interiors, the Mira Realm and Mira Virtue ranges pair together harmoniously, thanks to their luxurious chrome finish. The heritage-inspired Mira Realm range of mixer showers includes the Mira Realm ER with a single deluge head and the Mira Realm ERD, which comes with an additional hand-held showerhead.

Not only do these showers look great in more traditional bathrooms, but they deliver sensational performance with the patented Mira Magni-flo technology. Compatibility isn't an issue as this mixer shower range works on all systems and pressures.

Pair your new Mira Realm shower with the Mira Virtue tap range for a stylish matching look. Choose from traditional basin pillar taps or the monobloc mixer tap for a contemporary update to this Victorian-inspired style. For the bath, there are classic pillar taps, a filler tap, or a bath and shower mixer, so you can find a configuration to suit your bathroom and lifestyle.

You don't have to stick with exact style matches and can pair any digital or mixer shower with any of our taps to create a unique look. Discover our full range of showers and taps here.

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