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The Ultimate Bathroom Taps Buying Guide

  • Monday 20 February 2023
  • 6 Minute Read

Whether you’re planning a complete bathroom renovation or looking for quick and easy ways to update the space on a budget, new taps can make a huge difference.

Not only do taps add the finishing touches to a bathroom, but they are essential for functionality. Our tap buying guide includes everything you need to know to help you find the best bathroom taps.

Are bath and basin taps the same?

When it comes to taps, it’s not one size fits all. Basin and bath taps have different configurations, so choosing the right option is essential. With several types of taps available for basins and baths, alongside a wide range of styles and colours, there’s something to suit every bathroom. 


Matching your basin and bath/shower taps will give your bathroom design a timeless and coherent look. Choose the same finish for these elements to tie the design together, creating harmony and balance within the space. 

Tap holes

Another factor to consider when choosing taps is whether you have one or two tap holes, which may impact your decision. You’ll also need to factor in the shape and size of your sink, leaving enough room for your tap holes. Basin and bath tap holes come in standard sizes, with pillar taps generally requiring a 22mm diameter hole and mixer taps needing a 32mm diameter hole.

Types of basin taps

There are several types of basin taps available, including:  

  • Monobloc mixer 
  • Pillar 
  • Wall-mounted 
  • Small or compact styles 
  • Tall countertop


Discover the benefits of each style to find the right one for your bathroom.  

Monobloc basin mixer taps

Monobloc bathroom taps are designed for basins with only one tap hole. They combine water from the hot and cold streams to create the perfect temperature. Mixer taps are ideal for households with children, as there’s less chance of the water coming out scalding hot or freezing cold. The Mira Fluency monobloc mixer tap is the perfect choice for contemporary bathrooms, thanks to its sleek, minimal design and easy-to-use handles. 

Pillar basin taps 

Basin pillar taps come as a pair, with one for hot water and one for cold water, so they’re designed for basins with two tap holes. Pillar taps are probably the most common style in UK bathrooms and come in many configurations, colours and finishes.  

Wall-mounted basin taps 

If you’re short on space around your sink or prefer the look of a freestanding basin, choose wall-mounted taps. With various styles and finishes available, wall-mounted taps are an excellent choice for modern bathrooms.

Small basin taps

Another excellent choice for small bathrooms is compact basin taps. Shorter and more streamlined than standard designs, small basin taps come in various configurations. We recommend choosing a small basin mixer tap to save space.

Tall countertop basin taps

Tall countertop basin taps are another space-saving option, as they’re narrower than standard mixer taps. Installed directly into the countertop, they pair well with a freestanding basin, leaving more room around the sink. 

Types of bath taps

Bath pillar taps

Bath pillar taps feature two taps that independently control the flow of hot or cold water, just like basin pillar taps. Turn each handle to choose how much hot and cold water fills your bath. 

Bath filler taps

Bath filler taps combine water from your hot and cold water systems before flowing into your bathtub and creating the perfect relaxing bath. They are available for single and double tap holes and feature one or two taps which control water flow and temperature.

Bath/shower mixer taps

A bath/shower mixer features a bath filler tap and a handheld showerhead on a hose, so it’s an ideal option for shower bath units. This tap is also available to suit baths with one or two tap holes. Simply turn on the tap(s) and divert the water through the bath filler tap or the handheld showerhead at your preferred temperature.

Wall-mounted bath taps

Save on space with wall-mounted bath taps. Whether you have a freestanding bathtub or bath/shower unit, wall-mounted taps are a minimal, stylish addition to your bathroom.

Deck-mounted bath taps

Deck-mounted bath taps combine pillar taps' design elements with a mixer tap's functionality. They’re one of the most popular bath tap options, available in many styles and finishes for traditional and modern bathrooms.

Bath spouts

Bath spouts are a contemporary, minimal tap design with the control handle located away from the spout for a more streamlined appearance. They are fitted to the wall, making them an excellent choice for bath shower units or freestanding bathtubs.

Freestanding bathroom taps

One of the most luxurious options is a freestanding bathroom tap. Fitted to the floor beside your bathtub, the tall design makes this a stand-out feature in any bathroom. You can find freestanding bathroom taps in traditional or modern styles and various finishes to complement your home interior.

Tap handles

There are many different types of tap handles available, including: 

  • Levers 
  • Knobs 
  • Cross-head 
  • Joystick 
  • Push button

Each design has different aesthetic and functional benefits. For example, cross-head tap handles look great in traditional bathrooms but can be harder to turn for those with reduced dexterity. On the other hand, a lever or push button is easier to operate and has a more minimalist look. 

Water pressure

When buying bathroom taps, you’ll need to consider your water pressure, as some tap styles are better suited to specific water pressures. At Mira, our taps work with all pressures and systems, so you don’t have to compromise style or functionality.

Tap styles

Find matching or complementary basin and bath taps from Mira, whether you prefer contemporary, minimalist or traditional styles.


The Mira Fluency basin mixer monobloc tap has a unique, fluid design, giving your bathroom sink a contemporary look.  


If you love a clean, minimalist bathroom design, the Mira Evolve range is ideal for your basin and bath taps. These sleek taps have a shiny chrome finish and lever handle, making them the perfect addition to modern bathrooms.


Choose the Mira Virtue range of basin and bath taps for a traditional bathroom. Available in various configurations, from bath/shower mixers to classic pillar taps, the shiny chrome finish and cross-head handles will add the finishing touches to your space.

Tap finishes

From high-shine chrome to stainless steel, matte black and polished brass, the colour and finish of your taps can change how your bathroom looks and feels.


Browse our full range of taps at Mira to discover the best fixtures for your bathroom.

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