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Shower Enclosures Buying Guide

  • Thursday 29 April 2021
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Shower enclosures are one of the most space-efficient choices for bathrooms.

At Mira, we offer a range of shower enclosures to suit any space, from corner-entry showers to walk-in showers. You can also choose from various doors and shower trays to suit your preference. Our shower enclosure buying guide will help you find the perfect solution for your bathroom.

Things to consider when buying a shower enclosure

What type of bathroom do you have?

Your bathroom’s size and configuration may determine the type of shower enclosure you choose. For example, a corner-entry shower enclosure saves space in small bathrooms and ensuites. In a family bathroom, you might want a more spacious design or a walk-in shower for accessibility.

How much space do you have?

Another vital consideration is which way the shower door will open and whether this will impact the placement of other fixtures like the sink or the toilet. We recommend measuring the available space to ensure you have enough room to comfortably get in and out of the shower.

Doors or panels?

Shower doors can either slide, fold, hinge or pivot open. Sliding or bi-fold doors are best for small bathrooms as they open inwards. Pivot and hinged doors open outwards, so they’re better for larger bathrooms. Most showers are fully enclosed on all sides, but you may prefer a single glass panel to create an open design, like a walk-in shower.

Tiles or wall panels?

The glass panels and door will prevent the rest of the room from getting wet, but it’s essential to protect the walls inside your shower enclosure too. The best way to do this is with wall panels or tiles, ensuring the area is waterproof. Discover the benefits of bathroom wall panels compared to tiles and find the best option for your home.

What types of shower enclosures are available?

At Mira, we stock a range of shower enclosures to suit every bathroom, including corner, quadrant, pentagon and walk-in options. All our shower enclosures are made from toughened safety glass in various thicknesses. They also feature CleanCoat® technology, making the glass easy to clean and looking brand new for longer.

Walk-in showers and wet rooms

Walk-in shower enclosures and wet rooms are stylish and popular options for large, contemporary bathrooms. A walk-in shower features a tray and glass divider panel, while a wet room is fully waterproof and has a floor drain.

Corner showers

Corner entry shower enclosures are one of the most popular choices for bathrooms of any size. They come in square or rectangular configurations and usually have bi-fold doors.

Pentagon shower enclosures

Like a corner shower, pentagon shower enclosures can fit snugly into awkward or unused spaces, making them ideal for small bathrooms. Their five-sided design makes them a unique feature. They typically come with bi-fold or pivot doors.

Quadrant shower enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures feature a stylish curved front with sliding doors for easy entry. They are another space-saving option for small bathrooms, fitting neatly into a corner.

What types of shower trays are available?

Depending on which shower enclosure you choose, you’ll need a shower tray in the same shape. Within the Mira Flight range, we offer various sizes of square, rectangle, quadrant and pentagon shower trays.

Alternatively, for walk-in showers and wet rooms, the Mira Flight Level shower tray is fitted in line with the floor for a seamless, minimal finish. All our shower trays feature anti-slip technology, helping you stay safe whilst showering.

What types of shower doors are available?

Customise your shower enclosure with the right shower doors. Whether you have plenty of room or need space-saving solutions, we offer shower doors in various sizes and configurations, including bi-fold, hinged, pivot and sliding doors.

Bi-fold shower doors

Bi-fold shower doors are inward-opening to maximise space. Their clever design makes them ideal in ensuites or small bathrooms. Pair bi-fold doors with any shower trays, including quadrant, pentagon and corner entry.

Hinged shower doors

Hinged shower doors are best in spacious bathrooms because they open outwards, so you’ll need to leave plenty of space around the shower enclosure. Hinged doors can be paired with our square and rectangular shower trays. We also offer hinged shower screens and divider panels for walk-in showers.

Pivot shower doors

Like hinged designs, pivot shower doors open outwards, so they’re best for large bathrooms with no obstructions. They have pivotal connection points on the top and bottom of the door rather than folding hinges. Pair them with a square or rectangular shower tray for a spacious shower enclosure.

Sliding shower doors

Sliding shower doors are a space-saving option, as the door slides along tracks inside the enclosure, providing a wide entrance. Unlike a hinged design, you won’t need additional room to open the door. Choose sliding shower doors for corner-entry, quadrant or pentagon enclosures.

Over-bath shower screens

If you have a shower over bath, find hinged and fixed shower screens in various sizes and styles. Choose from mini, single and twin designs, depending on the size of your bath.

Once you’ve found your perfect shower enclosure, browse our range of showers to complete the design.

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