By Kerry Hale

Top Tips For Bathroom Decorating

  • Monday 5 August 2016
  • 4 minute read

The purpose of the bathroom is ever-changing - from a space of relaxation to a room of practicality, and now a focal point of the home. Depending on when you moved into your home, the style of the bathroom may not depict what you envisage, so you could be looking to re-decorate. To help you along the way, we have put together a few top tips for bathroom decorating.


Changing the colour scheme of your bathroom is an effective way of making a statement and is a simple way of creating the atmosphere you want for the room. According to the colour experts, Pantone, during Spring/Summer season there is a move toward cooler and softer colours, taking a cue from nature. Designers are currently taking their inspirations from daydreams and tropical landscapes, so we recommend Lucite Green or Sandstone for your walls, so you can enjoy optimum relaxation in your bathroom.


People often perceive the bath as a permanent fixture, but this is not the case, you can change yours to create a striking design feature. Recently there has seen a significant rise of free-standing baths as they not only provide a style statement but also help to achieve a spa-like ambience. The shape of the tub will also have an impact on the whole room; a curved one can bring softness to an otherwise thin bathroom, whereas an angular style can bring structure.

Bath and shower mixers, such as the striking Mira Virtue BSM, coupled with our new range of bathscreens provide a highly effective and stylish in-bath showering solution, offering complete flexibility and peace of mind if space is at a premium. Not to be overlooked is the choice of shower enclosure style as well as the shape; frameless and semi-frameless create the illusion of space because the frame is kept to a minimum while a quadrant shape will cut of the sharp corner giving the room more available space.


A trend that has been growing in popularity are wet-rooms or walk-in showers as they not only add to the spa-like feel but are also convenient to use. Oversized panes of glass or solid walls that surround the area are being used more, our new range of Mira Leap enclosures offers minimalist aesthetics that make the room appear larger.

As more products become wireless or internet-enabled, basic showers are also now a thing of the past thanks to technology and clever water control. Our range of digital showers, Mira Platinum, Vision or Vier, are available with a diverter option offering more flexibility, especially for families. The showers also offer a ‘warm-up’ function, meaning the shower can be turned on remotely until it reaches a your preferred temperature. With two controllers working from a distance of 10m, you can preheat your shower from your bed and it will be the perfect temperature from the second you step in.


A key feature of good bathroom design is its multi-purpose function. Its role within the home is no longer recognised as functional. It is seen as a room in which you can also play with the kids during bath time, use as a personal space to escape for five minutes from the hustle and bustle of life or simply get ready for the day. The bathroom must therefore provide ample storage and, with many homes struggling for space, this can bring issues. To find out how to make the most of your space read our guide on how to save space in your bathroom.

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