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7 Different Types Of Showerheads And Styles


    • Friday 31 December 2021
    • 6 minute read

    Choosing a showerhead can be a daunting task with so many variants available – which ones are suitable for which showers and what are the differences? Whether you’re looking for a fixed, multi-mode or power showerhead, Mira has the model to match.


    By simply changing your showerhead, you will not only refresh the look of your shower, but improve your shower performance, too. Let us guide you through your options, so that buying your new showerhead is quick and easy.

    Types of showerheads

    There are many different types of showerheads: single spray, multi spray, fixed, handheld, dual, deluge and eco –and there is some crossover between the different types. Read on for more information about each of them:

    Single spray showerheads

    Single spray showerheads are one of the most common types of showerheads and, as the name suggests, they have just one spray pattern. Our single spray showerheads feature a single, invigorating flow that you can enjoy time and time again. Most are suitable for any shower on any system.

    Try the Mira Beat or the Mira Nectar for a simple, stylish and affordable option with a rounded head, or give the Mira Honesty a go for a cubist-inspired option.

    Multi spray showerheads

    These showerheads have multiple spray experiences to choose from, which is ideal if you share your shower with a partner, housemate or your children. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to showering – some like to be saturated, others soaked, some stimulated and some soothed. There are options to suit all showering systems.

    All Mira multi spray showerheads have four spray patterns to choose from, so you can pick your preference with a simple push of a button or flick of a switch. The Mira Beat comes in two different sizes plus an eco option (more on that later), while the Mira 360m features Mira Flipstream Technology - by simply flipping the circular section of the showerhead, you can choose from four unique spray experiences.

    Fixed showerheads

    This type of showerhead delivers a flow from a fixed location – either the ceiling or the wall. It’s suitable for built-in mixer showers and digital showers.

    The Mira Deluge range allows you to choose from a ceiling fed or rear-fed arm and then either a 20cm or 25cm spa-style, single spray deluge head.

    If you are looking for something slightly more compact, the Mira Beat Fixed Showerhead and Arm is simple, stylish and affordable. It’s a great showering upgrade for an older style head and provides a 10cm spray, offering a slight adjustment for altering the spray direction.

    Deluge showerheads

    We touched upon them above, but deluge showerheads, also known as rainfall showerheads, deliver a drenching, spa-like experience with greater coverage. They can be mounted to the wall or the ceiling, and all Mira deluge showerheads are compatible with any shower on any system.

    The Mira Beat Deluge range features a 20cm or 25cm option, while the Mira Honesty deluge showerhead is a 25cm cubist design.

    Handheld showerheads

    Handheld showerheads – or handshowers – come in both single spray and multi-spray mode options. Unlike fixed showerheads, they can be removed from their mount so that you can target specific areas of your body from any angle, increasing the pressure and massaging feeling in the process. They're also a great option for bathing children and pets. All of the single and multi-spray options we mentioned earlier are handheld.

    Dual shower heads

    Can’t decide between a fixed showerhead and a handheld option? With a dual showerhead, you get the best of both worlds. The two-in-one setup means you can personalise your shower experience depending on your mood, swapping between the relaxing and drenching deluge showerhead and the powerful and invigorating handheld showerhead.

    Explore our full range of dual showers, with options to suit every type of system.

    Eco showerheads

    If you’re conscious of saving water and energy, then you may want to consider our range of eco showerheads. These showerheads are best suited to high pressure mixer showers or pumped gravity tank fed showers, and are a great way to enjoy a powerful flow while saving water. Our eco version of showerheads can save up to 85% compared to the standard version thanks to the integrated flow regulator.

    If you have a power shower and are still looking to save water, then we would recommend simply adjusting your flow setting and turning it down, rather than purchasing the Mira Eco showerhead. If adjustable heads aren’t your thing, why not try our Mira Nectar Eco Single Spray Showerhead and save up to 85%* water whilst still getting a great performing showering experience.

    Showerhead styles

    Those are the different types of showerheads available to you, but what about the different styles on offer when it comes to aesthetics? The Mira Beat range is simple yet stylish, with sleek curved edges and the choice of a white or chrome finish. The Mira Honesty range features a cubist-inspired design with strong lines, angular shapes and a polished chrome finish that works particularly well in contemporary bathrooms.

    For something even more contemporary, verging on futuristic, the Mira 360m is the showerhead for you. Available in chrome and black or chrome and white, this showerhead would look at home in any modern bathroom.

    Explore the full range of Mira showerheads, with types and styles to suit every taste and budget.

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