By Kerry Hale

Why Two Shower Heads Are Better Than One

  • Friday 21 August 2020
  • 4 minute read

Introducing Mira Dual Electric Shower Range, because every bathroom deserves a spot of luxury.  For many bathrooms – and many people – electric showers are an excellent choice. They provide a consistent temperature and pressure at all times, no matter what your plumbing is like. They’re easy to install, simple to use and make it possible to fit showers in bathrooms that, otherwise, might have to go without.

However, while other showers such as standard mixers and digital options can offer customers a choice of luxury features, electric showers have always been a bit restricted.


Until now, that is…


Mira is now offering the luxury of dual outlets across a wide range of its electric showers. This means you can opt for a unit with both a standard handset plus a deluge head for a more luxurious showering experience.

Why two heads are better than one

People are leading increasingly busy lives these days. Which means the shower is becoming more important than ever. It’s a place to escape the phone, social media, the pressures of work – even take a break from hectic family life. A few moments each day to call your own.

There are the days when a shower simply needs to be efficient – especially during the working week. But there are also more leisurely days with the opportunity to take your time. And this is where electric dual showers come into their own.

A convenient handset for when you’re in a rush. Plus a luxurious 200mm deluge head for when you have chance for ‘me-time’. And a simple button that operates a built-in two-way converter – allowing you to switch seamlessly from one to the other.

Aren’t two heads harder to fit?

The short answer is ‘no’. Because they come with multiple cable and water entry points, in particular, our Multi-fit dual electrics of Mira Jump Dual and Mira Sprint Dual that can be fitted as simply and easily as any of our standard electric showers.

This means they’re perfect as a retro-fit, replacement or as a focal feature of a brand new bathroom. And, as you’d expect with a Mira, all our electric dual showers come with a host of great features including Mira Clearscale™ technology that reduces limescale by up to 50%.

And because we now offer dual options across a wide range of our electric showers, you can choose the model that perfectly fits your bathroom and budget. And that goes for specific styling too.

Style Dual Electric Shower Options

The Mira Decor Dual is available in three different finishes to complement your interior design scheme. You have the choice between White, Warm Silver and Black Onyx. The range is exclusively available at either B&Q or Screwfix.

While the Mira Azora Dual electric shower will add a contemporary look to any bathroom with its high-quality glass fascia. Not to mention thermostatic technology ensures safer showering for all the family.

Style, convenience and that extra bit of luxury… Mira Dual Electric Showers really do have it all.

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