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Types Of Electric Showers

  • Wednesday 19 August 2020
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At Mira, we have a wide range of electric showers to suit your needs, including our latest dual electrics, stylish, glass-fronted options, easy replacement showers and affordable upgrade options. We’ve put together some useful information to help you understand the different types of electrics showers.

If you are looking for style and performance at a great price then our Mira Vie range ticks both boxes. Available in an 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.8kW this shower features contemporary aesthetics, the Mira Vie is an affordable and long-lasting shower with an Eco setting designed to save water. It features separate power and temperature dials with chrome detailing and a separate on/off button.

When replacing a shower without redecorating, one of the most important factors is to ensure minimal disruption to the connections and tiles - as well as ensuring it will fit in the same space! The Mira Jump Multi-Fit was designed with space and flexible installation in mind, as it allows for left or right-hand cable and pipe connections. It is a suitable replacement for existing Mira electric showers as well as other shower brands, even down to the adjustable slide bar which fits over holes left by a previous shower fittings kit.

The Mira Jump Multi-Fit comes in four-kilowatt ratings – 7.5kW, 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.8kW – making it extremely versatile when it comes to replacing your existing shower. If you are considering going for a higher kilowatt rating, be sure to consult a Part P electrician before purchasing your new shower, as you may need your electrical supply cable upgraded.

To further enhance the range we have introduced the Mira Jump Dual. Indulgence and practicality. With Mira Jump Dual you can have it all. A handset for convenient showering. Plus, a deluge option for when time allows. This neat shower is simple to fit and is the perfect showering upgrade for your bathroom.


The word “performance” within showering is often linked to water flow and high pressure. The Mira Elite SE is unique in that it offers great performance, even at low pressure. Designed specifically to be fed from a cold gravity storage tank, the Mira Elite SE’s integrated pump ensures a strong and more consistent flow. It's also Quiet Mark accredited, awarded for excellence in reducing noise in the home. The integrated pump cannot be heard when water is running and like the Mira Jump is now also available as a dual outlet option.

For a mains pressure solution, why not go for the Mira Sport Max with its sensational spray experience and performance that you simply won't find from any other electric shower on the market. The Mira Sport range is the UK's best performing electric shower and with its Mira Airboost™ technology it gives a boost to the flow of water by aerating each droplet yet doesn’t use any more water.

Style & Performance with new Dual Electrics

Here’s something new. The convenience and flexibility of an electric shower… with the indulgence of dual heads. Two heads. On an electric shower. Now, you can shower your way, every day. Use the deluge for a relaxing drench. Or the powerful handset for speed and convenience. All with the simplicity of an electric shower.

Take the Mira Azora Dual this chic, modernist shower has a convenient handset plus an indulgent 200mm deluge head, combined with safe thermostatic technology. 

When it comes to the Mira Decor Dual range there are three distinctive finishes - White, Warm Silver and Black Onyx. Complete with premium chrome detailing for a sleek, stylish and understated look. Exclusively available at B&W and Screwfix.

Independent Living

For over 20 years, Mira Advance has offered safer showering for all the family. The new Mira Advance features market-leading technologies, such as Mira Clearscale Pro™ technology, and is recognised with industry approvals for complete peace of mind.

Full to the brim with features that offer a little helping hand, the Mira Advance range is the perfect shower for everyone – no matter what age or physical ability. This electric shower features high contrast graphics to highlight critical touch points to the user, for added safety. Along with a matte finish panel, the Mira Advance controls are more visible especially for those who are visually impaired or requiring bathroom aids. For the visually impaired user, there are clear, audible beeps to indicate when the unit is turning on/off or the desired temperature has been reached. Large, light touch controls and buttons are easy to use even for those with limited finger dexterity.

For more information on our latest range of the Mira Advance click the link below.

Mira Advance

We have a wide range of electric showers and all are packed with exclusive innovations, advanced technology and clever safety features. So, you can be sure you are getting a long-lasting, quality product. Should you need any more information, simply visit our Electric Shower section. If you're looking to replace your existing electric shower we offer a service to replace and install a brand new shower, for more information visit our Shower Replacement page.

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