By Kerry Hale

How To Remove And Replace A Corner Shower Enclosure


    • Wednesday 29 August 2021
    • 3 minute read

    Corner showers are showers that fit neatly into the corner of your bathroom. They come in different shapes and sizes, including square, rectangle, quadrant and pentagon. If you are looking to remove your existing corner shower, either as an independent update or as part of a larger bathroom renovation project, then follow our step-by-step instructions to ensure the job goes smoothly.

    What you’ll need to remove your corner shower 

    • Screwdriver
    • Hammer
    • Chisel
    • Pipe caps

    A step-by-step guide to removing a corner shower

    1. Turn off your water supply to prevent any water from leaking out during the removal process. Turn on the shower to drain any remaining water in the pipes.
    2. Detach the shower door from its frame, putting it safely to one side, then unscrew the frame and remove it. 
    3. Unscrew and remove the drain cover.
    4. Remove the shower head and valve, and seal all pipes off with pipe caps.
    5. Remove any other hardware such as soap dishes or dispensers so that your shower enclosure is completely empty.
    6. Now to turn your attention to the shower walls. If you have a fiberglass or acrylic shower enclosure, use a hammer and chisel to separate the enclosure from the wall. If the adhesive is strong, you might want to use a hairdryer to help melt and loosen the glue. If you have a tile enclosure, use a hammer and chisel to remove tiles from the walls and floor.
    7. Use your chisel to loosen and remove your shower tray.
    8. Clear away and clean up any debris left behind.


    And there you have it, you’ve successfully removed your corner shower. Now you can make any necessary repairs to the walls and subflooring to leave a clean and flat surface.

    Replacing your corner showers

    If you are looking to replace your corner shower, you might want to do so with a different type of corner shower. Here are the most common types, which come in a range of sizes:

    Square or rectangular corner-entry shower enclosures typically come with a bi-fold door and are a great option for a small space.

    Pentagon shower enclosures feature a neat five-sided design for added interest. They typically come with either bi-fold or pivot doors.

    Quadrant shower enclosures feature a stylish curved front for maximised showering space, with sliding doors for easy entry.

    Explore our full range of corner entry showers or check out our guide to fitting a shower enclosure to help you with the installation process.

    Alternatively, you might prefer to install a bath or turn your bathroom into a wet room!

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