By Kerry Hale

Mira Advance Design Story

  • Thursday 01 February 2018
  • 5 Minute Read

“Our evolving understanding of the needs of the consumer, and advances in technology, mean that we are in a position to make a great product even better.” - Roland Boal, Lead Designer

The Mira Advance range has been the first choice for specifiers for over 20 years and our latest generation is as true to its name as it was 21 years ago. This new range retains the essence of what made the original Advance great, whilst improving performance, functionality and usability. 


The New Mira Advance range has new features which are thought through in minute detail. The new Mira Advance range is designed to the highest quality and manufacturing standards. Better still, Advance is tailored to the user’s needs with enhanced audio features, user-friendly controls and visually optimised graphics. In this post, we will look at the design story behind our latest Mira electric shower, as well as the internal advancements which make all the difference.

End User Focused

A lot of thought has gone into creating the new Mira Advance. When we began to design the new Advance, we wanted to retain the quality, reliability and great performance, which this electric shower is renowned for, as well as adding even greater usability. Our first focus was on the needs of the user – from the specifier to the Occupational Therapist, Installer and of course the end user. We took our 20 years of experience, research with our target, and reflected this knowledge into our iterative design process.

Ease of Installation

We design our products with installation in mind—and Mira Advance is no exception. There are new details including re‑engineered case inserts to ensure a hassle-free fit. Plus, Mira Advance re-calibrates itself and makes internal adjustments, depending on the supply conditions. Plus, the new Mira Advance range easily retrofits over all previous models, without the need to adjust the pipework, cabling or drill extra screw holes.

Visually Optimised

For those who have sight impairments, we know that showering can often feel daunting. Our teams worked closely with the RNIB to ensure that the new Mira Advance could further enhance its user-friendly capabilities. With that in mind, we designed all critical touchpoints in black and added a backlit power button, to make showering easier for the visually impaired. Furthermore, to avoid glare and reflection from lights we designed the central control panel in a matte finish to eliminate such issues. Simple changes like these can make a significant difference to the shower user.

Internal Advancements

There’s more to Mira Advance than meets the eye. We’ve made small, but vital changes such as optimising the flow valve for added reliability. Plus, Mira Advance features the latest PCB technology. It’s now easier than ever to programme the maximum temperature; whether it’s BEAB Care or 48°C, with a choice of 4 maximum temperature settings at the flick of a switch.

For more information on the new Mira Advance and to see the full range visit our dedicated page below:

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