By Kerry Hale

Introducing The New Mira Advance

  • Friday 26 January 2018
  • 3 minute read

Introducing the new Mira Advance. With over 20 years of heritage, the new Mira Advance retains the essence of what makes this market-leading electric shower great, whilst improving usability and functionality for the user.

Our research and development team here at Mira have gone above and beyond in developing our new Mira Advance. From research and interviews with end users, occupational therapists and installers, to working collaboratively with the Royal National Institute of the Blind, we have ensured the highest levels of quality and reliability. The Advance range is RNIB Gold Awarded, in recognition of its high levels of safety.

When sight, hearing and dexterity are limited or compromised, showering – a simply day-to-day activity that is taken for granted – can be very daunting. That’s why the Mira Advance is designed to give peace of mind to the user. Its high contrast graphics and raised tactile markings highlight critical touchpoints, making it easier to navigate the showering controls. Plus the light-touch buttons are simple to use.

The clear audible beeps enable the user to know if the shower is on, off or at temperature. There are also audible clicks on both the showerhead, to indicate changing between the 3 spray patterns, and on the central dial, to indicate the changing in temperature. It’s these innovative touches that make all the difference to a vulnerable user.


Better still, the Mira Advance fittings have innovative features, too. The handy soap dish doubles up as a secondary showerhead holder, making it easier to shower if you require a shower seat.

Soap dish that doubles up as a secondary showerhead holder

Mira Advance Flex - featuring an easy to use loop control handle

For the ultimate in flexibility, look no further than the Mira Advance Flex. This product has a central loop handle which makes changing the temperature even easier for those with limited dexterity. It also comes complete with an extra-long slide bar for added flexibility.

The new Mira Advance includes innovative technologies including the patented Mira Clearscale Pro™, a market-leading anti-limescale technology for a longer lasting, better performing electric shower. Plus, thermostatic temperature control and BEAB Care ensures safer showering for all.

For the ultimate in safe showering, look no further than the Mira Advance electric shower range. Watch our product film for a full overview of the features & benefits. 

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