By Kerry Hale

Introducing The New Mira Flight Level Shower Tray

  • Friday 22 March 2019
  • 4 minute read

Introducing the new Mira Flight Level Tray. With its minimalist design and smart features, the latest addition to our shower tray range makes it easy to create the increasingly popular wetroom look.


Just in case you didn’t already know, a wetroom is a waterproofed bathroom with level access to the shower. Creating this clean, contemporary aesthetic can often be very costly. But with the new Mira Flight Level Tray, you can achieve all the elegance of a wetroom, without all the usual expense. The result of long-term research and development, our new shower tray range offers clear benefits for both the end-user and the installer.

Level access, a key feature of wetrooms, creates a seamless aesthetic from floor to shower. It also enhances the everyday experience and makes the bathroom easier to clean. That’s why we’ve designed the Mira Flight Level Tray with a height of just 25mm. The tray’s incredibly low profile provides the same seamless aesthetic and practical benefits.

The ergonomic design of the Mira Flight Level Tray, with its innovative honeycomb back skin and minimal 25mm profile, reduces the tray’s weight and adds strength. As a result, the installation process is far more efficient, as the tray can be lifted by just one person.

Another driving force behind the growing popularity of wetrooms is the increased standing space in the shower. With its discreet waste to the side of the tray, the Mira Flight Level Tray utilises the full space available. Water simply disappears through the hidden slot waste. This unique design makes Mira Flight Level the only level tray on the market with a waste that meets new building regulations.

The integrated custom waste design also facilitates top access, making cleaning and maintenance faster and easier. A hair catcher retains long hairs, which can often be the cause of blockages. Located just underneath the waste cover trim, this tier of the system can also be easily removed and cleaned.

Like every model in the Mira Flight shower tray range, the new Mira Flight Level Tray also features BioCote® technology. This market-leading antimicrobial additive protects your shower, reducing bacteria and mould growth by up to 99.9%. What’s more, the innovative ergonomic design of the tray prevents dirt traps from forming.

At Mira we believe you should never have to choose between performance and aesthetic. Both are equally important. That’s why Mira Flight Level comes in a choice of two colours: White or stunning Slate effect. Likewise, we offer a choice of three shapes: square, quadrant and rectangle, making our new shower tray range a perfect fit for bathrooms of all shapes, sizes and styles.

The new Mira Flight Level shower tray is all about seamless design. So it should come as no surprise that the range has been created to complement our Mira Ascend shower enclosures. With the same minimalist design principles and contemporary style, these enclosures provide the ideal match for the Mira Flight Level Tray. It all comes together to create the ultimate wetroom look.

Our minimalist Mira Flight Level Trays and Mira Ascend Enclosures are designed to look stylish and work seamlessly side by side.

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