By Kerry Hale

Mira Clearscale Technology

  • Tuesday 30 August 2016
  • 3 minute read

You may have noticed a hard and chalky residue left behind in your household products? This is limescale and is most likely to be found if you live in a ‘hard water’ area.

It can be difficult to gauge whether you have a build-up of limescale in your shower or a faulty piece of equipment. In most cases, your supplier will be able to let you know whether you are likely to experience issues due to the water quality in your area.

Limescale explained

One of the key issues is that limescale can build up around 'hot spots' within your shower system. To eliminate this issue, the Mira Clearscale™ technology in our electric showers works by lengthening the heating elements as well as widening the gaps between the coils. This means that the heating tank runs at a consistent temperature throughout, eliminating the chance for ‘hot spots’ and the build-up of limescale.

To help prevent the problems that come with limescale, a delayed shutdown, which flushes hot water from the shower after use to keep your electric shower in great condition, this is only available in certain Mira electric shower so we recommend checking the individual products.

Helping hand

If you are struggling with your product, our team here at Mira Showers have put together this simple checklist to help gauge whether or not you have limescale:

  1. Failure of heating elements
  2. Poor temperature control
  3. Taps or hard surfaces covered in a white layer
  4. Clothes detergents/soap become less effective
  5. Products become less energy-efficient

We decided to illustrate the exact benefits of our Mira Clearscale technology in a film, highlighting the potential build-up of limescale in any ordinary electric shower:

Hidden inside

Unless you are a professional, it is difficult to be able to look inside your own shower; therefore you might be unaware of limescale build-up in your shower until its performance is impaired as a result. We are dedicated to solving the issue, and we are permanently undertaking research to explore, monitor and test the growth of it so that it can be better understood. First, we complete accelerated life testing on our units at a business called Hydramec who are located in a hard water area of Norfolk. Once this is completed, we then send the tests to Cranfield University who then assess the output.

Mira Showerheads

It’s not just our electric showers than combat limescale build up. Our showerheads feature rub-clean nozzles which allows the user to use a soft cloth to wipe any limescale from the nozzle and front face of the showerhead. Try out the Mira Logic four-spray showerhead to experience the easy clean rub-clean nozzles with any shower system. It's universal fit design makes it compatible with all shower hoses and installation requires no tools.

Are you experiencing issues with limescale?

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