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Mira Elite QT Design Story

Friday 5th August 2016

At Mira Showers, we have dedicated teams who are committed to New Product Development and the design of all our products. To delve deeper into some of our award-winning products, we will be exploring these more closely and this post will focus on our latest pumped electric shower, the Mira Elite QT.

The Mira Elite QT was launched in Ireland in 2016 and is the most advanced pumped electric shower available. It is 75% quieter* than any other pumped electric shower without loss of power, and here at Mira Showers we think it is the perfect solution for any low pressure water system.                        

Technology and Operation

One key aspect of the Mira Elite QT is Mira Clearscale™ technology. Most homeowners suffer with limescale build-up in their showers, however, this will help reduce it by up to 50% as well as giving your shower a longer life and overall better performance. On top of this, the Mira Clean-flo™ technology makes it easier to clean your filter, in order to make sure that your shower runs to its best potential. It is accessible simply by using a pound coin or euro. The effective four spray showerhead has rub-clean nozzles, once again benefiting the long term performance potential of your shower.

Acoustically Engineered

We have acoustically engineered our Mira Elite QT in order to make it 75% quieter than any other pumped electric shower. To do this we have reduced the source noise, redesigned the cooling fan and repositioned the motor assembly, as well as including an integrated pump that will guarantee you will always have a strong and consistent water flow. With low shower pressure being a common issue across the UK, the Mira Elite QT is an essential addition to many households.


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