By Kerry Hale

Mira Magni-flo technology

  • Wednesday 31 August 2016
  • 2 minute read

There’s nothing more frustrating than a trickle of water dribbling from your showerhead, instead of a truly refreshing shower. This is now a thing of the past thanks to technology developed by Mira Showers. Mira Magni-flo technology means you can have a drenching shower even with water pressure as low as 0.1 bar.

Research has shown that thousands of properties* in the UK suffer from low water pressure; this is why the majority of Mira mixer showers will now have Mira Magni-flo technology inbuilt to create the ultimate showering experience. The patented technology optimises the internal valve waterways, enabling Mira mixer showers with the technology to deliver up to three times more flow than other mixer showers. In addition, there are double the number of spray nozzles on the showerhead, which provides better coverage and a higher spray force. Mira Magni-flo technology also ensures that both the overhead and handshower (on a diverter shower) will deliver a great flow when both are on at the same time – even at low pressure.

“We identified that many of our customers were frustrated with low water pressure and were not able to enjoy their showers. Pioneering technology and innovative design is at the heart of every Mira product and we feel this latest development in showering will benefit the many people affected by low water pressure.”

Craig Baker, Managing Director

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