By Kerry Hale

Mira Mode Q&A

  • Friday 09 June 2017
  • 5 minute read

To recognise the launch of our new Mira Mode digital shower and to give you an insight into the great features of the product, we’ve spoken with our Digital Showers Product Manager as part of our Q&A series.

1. What makes Mira Mode stand out from other digital showers available on the market?

Mira Mode has been uniquely designed and precision engineered to stand out from competitor digital showers. The polished chrome user interface perfectly complements the deluge head and Mira Switch handset, to give a minimalist, modern look to your bathroom. The shower is easy to use with an intuitive push button operation for deluge head, handset and bath fill options. What’s more, the Mira Mode app is free to download which allows the user to easily programme and adjust their shower and bathfill settings.

2. What is the design story behind Mira Mode

The Mira Mode brings together the advanced functionality of a digital platform with the simple and intuitive interface of a contemporary mixer shower. It delivers a commitment to absolute ease of use, high quality of material, build, finish and feel in control. The controlled use of light within the interface further enhances and informs the user experience.  The product experience is complemented by the Mira Mode app which enables a simpler, faster installation and set-up.

3. Tell us a bit more about the new Mira Mode app - what key features does it have?

With the Mira Mode app, users can easily personalise their shower to suit their own individual needs. Through the app, users can remotely turn the shower on and off, and create up to 10 shower and bathfill pre-sets according to different user preferences. The app also has some handy features for the installer including configuring the water outlets, and setting/adjusting the maximum temperature.

4. What showering options are available with Mira Mode?

Mode is available in a wide range of options to suit every installation. Within the range are single outlet showers, dual outlet showers, as well as bathfill only, and shower and bathfill options. Customers can choose between ceiling fed and rear fed fittings, and there are high pressure and pumped for gravity fed valve options to suit different water systems. Watch our product film on the Mira Mode Dual Digital Shower below:

5. How is Mira Mode different to the Mira Platinum?

Unlike Mira Platinum, Mira Mode has a wired user interface meaning a slightly different type of installation method. This is a low voltage data cable meaning no need for an electrician to install. Mode also has a very simple on/off operation, whereas Mira Platinum allows users to adjust the intensity of water flow too.

6. Why choose Mira Mode over a mixer shower? What’s the difference?

One of the main benefits Mode offers over a mixer shower is the uncluttered, minimalist look in your bathroom. Because the valve is installed away from the showering area, only the compact user interface is installed onto the tiles leaving a fresh, clean look. In addition, Mode offers ultimate ease of use with the push button controller and intelligent digital valve that precisely remembers your preferred showering temperature so there is no need to adjust every time.

7. Which market is Mira Mode aimed at?

Mira Mode is easy to use for consumers of all ages and abilities. The clear controls and easy to use push button interface make Mode the ideal product for multi-generational families living under one roof.  In addition, the four unique spray modes on the Switch handset such as the drenching ‘Saturate’ spray and gentle, misting ‘Soothe’ spray allows everyone to find their own showering preference.

8. Where can I buy Mira Mode?

Mira Mode is available to buy now from a variety of plumbers merchants, retail outlets and online. To find your nearest stockist, use the ‘Buy Mira’ stockist locator here or visit the product pages and click ‘Buy Online’ to purchase through our online partners.

9. Is there anything technical that I need to know about Mira Mode?

Mira Mode will work on all water systems – available in both high pressure and pumped for gravity mixer valve options – so there is a product in the range that will ideally suit your installation. What’s more, everything your installer will need is supplied in one box and no specialist tools are required for installation. Mira Mode is also backed up by a comprehensive 5 year guarantee which can be easily registered online, giving you instant peace of mind from the moment your product is installed.

To find out more information on the Mira Mode and our Digital showers range, click on the respective buttons below. If you have any further questions get in touch via Facebook or Twitter, alternatively contact customer service.

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