By Kerry Hale

Mira Trays And Enclosures

  • Friday 05 August 2016
  • 3.5 Minute Read

Renovating or building a bathroom is a huge undertaking, meaning you want everything to be perfect, especially your shower enclosure. We have put a guide together with our recommendations of the enclosure and tray combination you should go for, so you have that stylishly finished, flawless bathroom.


If space is a limiting factor when it comes to your bathroom, shower enclosures are a practical solution. Ranges that include doors that open inward can neatly fit into any corner of a bathroom, maximising the rest of the space:

Bi-Fold Door

The Mira Leap Bi-Fold Door features a minimalistic, inward opening door and is perfectly suited to be paired with a square Mira Flight Safe shower tray.


The shape of a shower or bath can have an impact on the whole room. The Mira Leap quadrant enclosure curves beautifully around any corner, bringing softness as opposed to structure. The quadrant Mira Flight Safe shower tray is available in two different sizes depending if you are looking for extending doors to make a larger area.

Even if space is something you are struggling with when it comes to your bathroom, it does not mean that style has to be sacrificed. If you are re-decorating, especially an older house, it can be challenging to incorporate your new ideas. The important point is to be able to subtly incorporate all your new ideas whilst keeping the character of the house. The matching Mira Virtue tap and matching Mira Realm ER mixer shower, bring truly modern features whilst retaining a classic style.

If you are undergoing a renovation project to upgrade your bathroom and you have the space to create a contemporary focal point, then our range of Sliding or Pivot doors could be the answer:

Sliding Door

The Mira Leap double sliding door paired with a rectangular Mira Flight tray is a stylish bath replacement option. No floor space is comprised and the design is catered to meet the needs of multi-generational households.

Pivot Door

With this product, doors pivot on discreet hinges enabling part of the door to open into the enclosure, helping save space. For a larger showering area, you could install a rectangular shower tray for a greater impact.

A key trend that we have noticed recently is the rise of wet-rooms and the desire to generate that spa-like feel in your bathroom. To cater to this phase, we have created a variety of Walk-in enclosures with low profile shower trays that can bring that glamorous look to your bathroom whilst being easily achievable:


The smooth elegant curve of the Mira Leap walk-in enclosure makes it look sleek and stylish in any bathroom. Our range of trays have recently been brought up to date with the Mira Flight walk-in tray; the new slender look is the perfect complement to the enclosure.

Side Panels and Divider Panels

For a simplistic and less intrusive wet-room, our Mira Leap divider panels might be the best option to maintain a luxurious look to your bathroom. The full range of Mira Flight shower trays are coated in our exclusive finish, exceeding the most stringent anti-slip tests, so pair our panels with a rectangular Mira Flight Safe tray for a practical and stylish look.

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